Project Reflection



Thecurrent and future organization goals and objectives and howorganizations plans to staff every position are some of the keyfeatures that help identify the needs of the organization. To be in aposition to know which resources are appropriate to achieve a givenobjective, the internal and external environment that will affect theorganization (McNamara, 2012). With an in-depth understanding of theoperating environment it is possible to mark out the key areas wheresuccess can be possible and the resources that will be needed. Inthis light the first process is analyzing the context in which theorganization will be operating, establish the strategic options andexamining and selecting the most apt alternative (McNamara, 2012).

Tocreate and evaluate strategies for success in the days ahead,managers can assess the past performance and results and make thenecessary adjustments to align strategy with prevailing economic andpolitical environment (Pearce &amp Robinson, 2000). In this lightobjectives and goals of the organization are compared with thealternatives available and the best option is selected.

Formulationoperation goals for the short term and long term, and assigning themain task and responsibilities in meeting these aforementioned goalsis another way to assess the chosen resources. In this way it ispossible to highlight the areas where resources may be adequate andmore importantly facets where more resources or realigning isrequired (McNamara, 2012).

Thefunctional strategy presentation confers immense benefit to my jobsearching quest. This is because, it has helped highlight some of theorganization factors that shape and guide managers when looking forworkforce. Acquisition of skills and knowledge that matches theorganizational culture and that will help achieve set goals is theonly way to prepare for the job market. This project support course,program, and institutional outcomes by highlighting the key featuresand management practices that form the hallmark of contemporarybusiness operations.


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