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Oneof the issues that have elicited heated debate over the last fewmonths relates to the Iran’s nuclear deal. President Obama hasclaimed time and again that, this is the best deal that United Statesof America together with other world powers such as China, Russia,Germany and the EU can get at this point in time. While the Obamaadministration continues to drum up support, majority of Republicanshave sworn to fight its implementation to the last day. As thingsstand at the moment, Iran has an immense stockpile of enricheduranium and close to 20,000 centrifuges that are sufficient to build10 nuclear bombs. This means that if Iran decides to create a bombtoday it would only take only 90 days. If the international communitydoes not monitor Iran nuclear program, Iran can increase the numberof centrifuges.

Obamaonly states that the new deal removes the main elements that are Iranneeds to build a bomb, and prolongs the time that Iran would take tobuild one if it negates its commitments. Even though most of whatObama states in the Whitehouse website are facts, the President doesnot tell Americans how America would be able to ensure that Iran doesnot increase its nuclear stockpiles secretly. It is a fact that ifIran violates the deal the US, E.U and the UN would snap back thetrade sanctions, but the fact remains Iran would have done exactlywhat the deal is meant to hamper. Obama does not tell us the otherside of the story but only sheds lights on why the deal is good eventhough we are all aware it is not perfect.

Obamaalso state that now is the time to do something about gun violence.The president only quotes the few incidences that have occurred inthe recent history but fails to note that majority of Americans (73percent) support gun rights. Polls have also showed that majority ofgun owners are law-abiding citizens and use their gun appropriately.Obama subsumes his propaganda by saying that no gun laws can end gunviolence.

Themost conspicuous elements in Trumps official website is his logo,with his name in capital letter and the slogan make America greatagain. His large portrait adorns the better part of the site. All therecent events that have transpired in his campaign are highlighted onthe page. Most notably is the numerous polls that put him ahead ofother presidential candidates. On Hillary Clinton’s website thegorgeous logo made of a capital H is one of the most visible element.Pictures of her with numerous groups of people fill most of thespace. Her take on economy, security, energy, immigration and otherpertinent issues are also highlighted.

JebBush website is rather tranquil, with dull colors and his small logoat the right hand corner. Images of Bush meeting people in hiscampaign fill the better part of his site. At the bottom there is athorough explanation of his take of pertinent issues such as economy,unemployment, immigration and security.

BernieSanders websites is elegant festooned with his huge logo composed ofhis first name and the slogan ‘stand with Bernie’. Unlike Trumpand Hillary’s sites that are decorated with blaring colors and theAmerican flag, Bernie Sanders site is clean with few jokes. Near thebottom of the page the chronology of his political career issuccinctly highlighted.

It’shard to emphasis just how attractive and better Hillary Clinton’swebsite and logo is than those of other presidential candidates. Thesite has a simple design with a powerful message that, ‘this startswith you’ but the extension into regional facebook pages,accompanying typography including the initial of her first name makesClinton’s website way more attractive than those of Trump, Sandersand Jeb Bush. The arrow –H is her logo but it really more of aframework. The dark blue color that it wears makes its instantlyrecognizable.

Bushdoes not cite any positive accomplishment of Mrs. Clinton butlambasts her for Libya policy failure, instability in the Middle Eastthat formed the nursery for ISIS and red lines in Syria that haserected problems for the US. It is a one sided story meant to waterdown the efforts of Clinton. Bernie Sanders Democratic underdog hasfeverishly stated that he wants get big money out of politics.Clinton state states that she will improve the income of everydayAmericans. Clinton’s asserts that the Republicans are “providingsolution ripped from the playbooks of the past.” She saysRepublican will use the old policies that have failed time and againbut she provides no solution on how she is going to do thingsdifferently. Her propaganda statement is stronger growth for fair andlonger growth.