Proposal A New IT Course

Proposal:A New IT Course

Proposal:A new IT course

Thepurpose of this proposal is to indicate the significance ofintroducing a new course “Technology Alignment and Compliance” inthe institution. The introduction of the course is important becauseit will enhance the competence of the graduates in the current ITenvironment where compliance is a significant challenge (SmartCompliance Inc, 2015). This will reduce the chances for the graduatesto conflict with the law enforcement agencies. In outline, theproposal has seven parts, including current situation, factors thatstudents are missing, conversation missing from the campus, solution,proposed class, the guest speaker, and feasibility of the plan.


Mostof the courses offered by the college are designed to show studentsthe benefits of the IT-based solutions to the modern society.However, the course content that is intended to show enlightenstudents on the need and how to complying with the standards andregulations is limited (Noblett, 2015). To this end, many studentsare aspiring to develop technology-based solutions withoutconsidering the existing laws and regulations that govern thetechnology industry. Studies have shown that over 77 % of the ITfirms believe that compliance with the law is currently a toppriority, which can be accomplished by recruiting experts with legalknow-how (Smart Compliance Inc, 2015).

Whatstudents are missing

TheIT students are missing lot information about the laws that willguide their profession after graduating. Missing this informationwill subject the current IT students to the risk of conflicting withthe government agencies and the judicial system. In addition, thecurrent students missing the information about the ethical aspect ofthe IT sector, which involves being sensitive to the needs of thecommunity and complying the existing rules. If they can not get thisinformation while at school, they might spend years in prison.

Conversationmissing from the campus

Theconversation held at the campus is missing the current trends on thelegal compliance and the ongoing cases of non-compliance with thelaws in the IT sector. Bringing an expert in the IT sector, who haveserved as a leader of an IT firm for many years will increase thestudents’ awareness of the trends in the IT sector that they intendto work after graduating.


Thechallenge of the lack of awareness about the significance ofcomplying with the law among the IT students can be addressed byintroducing a new course “Technology Alignment and Compliance”.The integration of the course can be achieved by an internalcommittee that will determine the course content and how it will bedelivered.


Thispaper proposes the expansion of the introduction to informationtechnology class in order to include content that will enlightenstudents on the significance and how to comply with the current lawsand regulations. The class should include some of the key laws (suchas those that focus on the client privacy and confidentiality) thatguide technology practices. The class should also include some casestudies that illustrate the relationship between the law and ITpractices.

Theguest speaker

Themost appropriate speaker for the proposed event is the Lead Directorof Accenture, Marjorie Magner. Magner has been a member of the boardof directors since the year 2006, which indicates that she has anexperience of close to ten years in the field of technology. Thelarge number of years that Magner has served in the IT solutionscompany allows her to understand the relationship between informationtechnology and the law as well as the significance of complying withthe law and regulations. The experience will allow Magner to impart anew knowledge about the laws that govern IT practices into students.

Feasibilityof the plan

Theplan to integrate some lessons on laws that govern the IT sector aswell as the significance of complying with those laws will help theinstitution produce quality graduates who are willing and able toproduce IT solutions that are consistent with the law. This willensure that the graduates from the institution encounter minimum orno conflict with the law enforcement bodies, thus promoting thereputation of the institution. In addition, graduates that willdecide to serve as IT consultants will be able to offer their clientswith appropriate IT advisory services, thus promoting the image ofthe institution. However, the institution has to incur some financialcosts in planning and implementing the new course.


Complyingwith the law is currently a major concern in the technology sector.This calls for the introduction of courses that equip students withknowledge about the laws that guide professionals in the IT sector.The proposed course will fill this gap and enhance the competence ofthe graduates.


Thegeneral persuasive strategy used in the proposal is the indication ofthe significance and the negative impacts of failing to comply withthe laws among the IT experts. This has also been advanced in theproposal using some specific phrases, such as “the risk ofconflicting with the government agencies and the judicial system”.The use of strong words and phrases emphasizes on what the current ITstudents are missing and the danger of missing this information.

Inaddition, ethical considerations are included in the proposal bystating that non-compliance with the rules and laws that guideprofessionals in the IT sector is unethical and risks theorganization’s image as well as the reputation of individual ITprofessionals. Appeals of ethos are used by emphasizing on thequalification and experience of the proposed speaker, Magner. Anemphasis on Magner’s experience of close to ten years as a leaderof an IT company is a good example of the ethos. Appeals of pathoshave been used to emphasis on risk of failing to offer the proposedcourse. Appeals of pathos are indicated by the statement “If theycan not get this information while at school, they might spend yearsin prison”. The statement “Studies have shown that over 77 % ofthe IT firms believe that compliance with the law is currently a toppriority” is an appeal of logos used to convince the audience. Theappeal of logos is also part of the research that shows the currenttrends in the IT sector.


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