Psychological Advantage of Christian Counseling


PsychologicalAdvantage of Christian Counseling

PsychologicalAdvantage of Christian Counseling


Christiancounseling incorporates biblical teachings, and secular psychology.Also, there is biblical counseling which only employs biblicalscriptures. However, it is salient to note that the two types ofcounseling often have the desire of achieving same results. It isalso important to note that clients assessed by Christian counselorsare at an upper hand with regard to understanding themselves, andhaving a relationship with God. In contrast, Biblical counselorsoffer a limited amount of assistance to their clients. Based on thevarious findings discussed in the paper it is justifiable to say thatthere is a great relationship between psychology, and Christiancounseling.

Psychologyplays a key role in getting a clear picture and understandingChristianity and Christianity counseling. According to psychologistsspirituality and spiritual acts to directly impact the lives of anindividual. It is often assumed that psychology, and Christianityboth lean toward different views hence they cannot be classifiedtogether. However, research has depicted that there are other aspectsof psychology that are considered to be positive. For this reason,they are classified together with tenets of Christianity in a bid toproduce better results (McMinn,2011).Regardless of the fathomable psychological advantages of Christiancounseling, some Christians do not endorse the integration ofpsychology and Christianity. Also, it is salient that psychologicalmethods of Christian counseling have been proven by scientists, andcompared with God’s Holy Scripture.

Christiancounseling revolves around the art of assessing clients with regardto secular psychology, and bible scriptures. It is important to notethat biblical counseling forfeits all matters to do with secularpsychology hence it wholly derives its approaches from the Bible.Biblical counseling is often referred to as pastoral endeavorsbecause the aim of these counselors is to wholly cleanse, and assesstheir clients with the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ (McMinn,2011).Therefore, the aforementioned necessity of psychology in Christiancounseling is valid due to the fact that this form of counselingincorporates secular psychology. According to McMinn(2011), Christiancounseling is important in the mending of an individual’s spirituallife through non-spiritual ways. Through Christian counseling,individuals are assessed with regard to both spiritual andnon-spiritual ways, and that plays a great role in producing desiredresults. On the other hand, biblical counseling wholly refers to thebible hence it does not yield substantial results (Clinton et al.,2002).

Christiancounseling informs individuals of their goodness and their abilityto change their status quo. In the event where an individual commitsheinous acts, Christian counseling gives hope of a better tomorrow(In Sanders, 2013).With such assessment, individuals are motivated to do good things,and become better persons. For this reason, Christian counseling isobserved to have a psychological advantage over biblical counseling.Additionally, Christian counseling seeks to obtain answers fromwithin an individual’s mind(In Sanders, 2013). As prior mentioned, according to Christian counseling, solutions arenot obtained from the Word of God rather they are sought from one’smind. Consequently, it is inevitable to note the relationship betweenpsychology and Christian counseling (Clinton et al., 2002).

Furthermore,Christian counseling not only equips individuals with the knowledgethat God is the highest being but, also informs them that individualsare capable of repairing the problems that are within themselves.Also, it is important to note that Christian counseling revolvesaround different aspects of psychology. Irrespective of the fact thatpsychology began with Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung there are otherbranches of the field that are necessary with regard to Christiancounseling. Consequently, Christian counselors employ differentapproaches depending on the problem at hand. For example when aclient has issues leaning toward grief, they are not given the sametreatment that is given to a client struggling with addictions(Davediuk, 2013).

Also,as prior mentioned Christian counseling is beneficial because itdoes not fully forfeit Biblical tenets. As a psychological advantageChristian counseling equips individuals with the knowledge that itincorporates psychology but, does not render psychology as theabsolute inference. According toDavediuk (2013),some Christians consider psychology as a rival of Christianity but,Christian counseling aims to give the correct notion pertaining tothe role of psychology in Christian counseling. It is through thefield of psychology that individuals gain a deeper comprehension ofthe nature of humankind. In addition, psychology attempts to givemore insight to human beings with regard to God, as the Supreme Being(Davediuk,2013).

Moreover,it is important to widely focus on Biblical counseling in order tofully understand the psychological advantage of Christian counseling.Biblical counseling may also be referred to Nouthetic counselingthat revolves around counseling based on the teachings of Christ, andthe Holy Bible (Almy, 2000). As opposed to Christian counseling, thisform only incorporates matters of the Holy Spirit in order to assessclients. According to Biblical counselors, it is solely the Word ofGod that provides solutions to the problems of human beings. For thisreason, these counselors do not believe in the need for psychologyand psychological approaches. However, taking this approach wouldprove futile as both Biblical and secular approaches are importantin the aspects of human life. Accordingto Greggo &amp Sisemore, (2012), thereare aspects of humanity that are fixed by Biblical teachings whilethere are those areas that are improved by secular teaching.Consequently, employment of Christian counseling is at an upper handas it houses both Biblical and secular teachings (MacDonald et al.,2013).

Furthermore,the psychological advantage of Christian counseling makes it easierfor Christians to employ psychology which is then supplemented bythe scriptures of the Bible. Also, due to its constituents,individuals gain more insight from Christian counseling. However,counselors are trained not to forcefully impose their beliefs onclients as each one is entitled to their opinion. Regardless of thefact that the counselors are more experienced in the field, they areexpected to give the clients an opportunity to stick to their views,and opinions. Christian counseling works within the individual’smind hence the psychological advantage dictates that the finalopinion should emanate from the individual’s point of view (Almy,2000).

Christiancounseling is also important as it gives individuals practicalsolutions to various contemporary issues in the society. With regardto matters of morality, Biblical counseling dictates that individualsshould pray, and shun the practice but, in real sense that is notnecessarily a solution (MacDonald et al., 2013). On the other hand,the psychological advantage of Christian counseling often equipsindividuals with actual and practical solutions in order to overcomethe issue. Christina counseling gives individuals deeper insightregarding the ways in which they may avoid temptations. Also,Christian counseling equips individuals with knowledge concerning thereasons that tempt individuals to engage in sinful acts. Christiancounseling offers practical solutions such as the ones priormentioned. It is through the realization of the causes of sin thatindividuals are able to shy away from the sinful acts. Consequently,it is important to note that the psychological advantage of Christiancounseling renders it a better form as compared to Biblicalcounseling (MacDonald et al., 2013).

Christiancounseling plays the role of assisting individuals in becoming awareof their emotions. The psychological advantage also allows them toidentify with God in relation to their emotions, and feelings. UnlikeBiblical counseling, Christian counseling creates the possibility ofindividuals getting in touch with their personal needs, and desires(MacDonald et al., 2013). As prior mentioned, psychology is not theultimate end with regard to Christian counseling. The counselorsreckon that psychology is a tool that them to God who is the finalauthority, and the giver of life. It is also important forindividuals to realize that the psychological advantage requires thepresence of God in order for human beings to be fully satisfied(Almy, 2000).

Inaddition, it is important to note that there are some Christiancounselors who employ Biblical teachings in a larger scope of theirteachings. However, they also incorporate psychological approacheswhile still focusing more on Biblical teachings. For this reason, itis necessary for counselors to be well versed in their field forexecution of commendable results. With regard to Christiancounseling, there are a good number of people who have shared theirtestimonies in order to give an overview of the form of counseling.In fact, it is noted that most of those who have benefited fromChristian counseling are married couples. According to InSanders (2013), most of the couples have stayed together for a longtime, and undergo Christian counseling in order to improve theirmarriages. Through the psychological advantage of Christiancounseling, these couples believe that their marriage lives instantlyimprove after the counseling sessions. In addition, the counselingsessions serve in assisting the married couples in facing the variouschallenges and troubles encountered in life. According to Foster &ampFoster (2005), Christian counseling has played a great role inimproving, and enhancing many marriages.

Moreover,for the Christian counseling psychological advantages to be fruitfulindividuals ought to settle for competent counselors. According toThomas &amp Sosin (2011), it is necessary for clients to observecertain credentials such as presence of licenses, level of faith, andpossession of a university degree, among others. The type ofcounselor an individual is affiliated to plays an extreme role in theachieved results. According to, incompetent counselors often givefalse information to clients hence rendering the sessions futile(Thomas &amp Sosin, 2011). A well-trained Christian counselor isuseful and assists individuals in achieving the psychologicaladvantages of Christian counseling.

Christiancounseling incorporates all the tenets of psychology, and Biblicalcounseling. In addition, it is important for the parties to realizethat the final authority is God. Whether through psychology orbiblical scriptures, the end result emanates from the Supreme Being.According to Greggo &amp Sisemore (2012), different Christiancounselors employ different approaches in relation to Biblescriptures who borrow very heavily from the Bible teachings, whileothers employ a snippet of the Bible scriptures into their counselingsessions. Moreover, Christian counselors are seen to completelyforsake some aspects emanating from the Word of God.

Thesecounselors more often ignore matters to do with the reality and powerof God thus depicting psychology to be more important than Biblescriptures. It is for this reason that some Christians believe thatpsychology is the religion taking the place of Christianity (Clintonet al., 2002).Also, it is salient to note that counseling is powerful with regardto comprehension of oneself, and that of the concept of Christ’sactions in one’s life. It is also necessary to incorporate Biblicalcounseling in understanding of the psychological advantages ofChristian counseling. Through Biblical counseling, individuals obtaininsight concerning the form of counseling hence easily distinguishingit from Christian counseling (Greggo &amp Sisemore, 2012). In fact,most counselors outline that the two forms of counseling areinterdependent because they borrow some teachings from one another.It is through Biblical counseling that Christian counselorsunderstand the real problem within their clients during assessment.As prior mentioned, the integration of psychology, and Christianityhas assisted some individuals with regard to Christian counseling(Clintonet al., 2002).

Itshould be observed that scientists and psychologists have proved theexistence of the relationship between psychology, and the Word ofGod. The psychologists reckon that the lives of human beings are notonly controlled by the scriptures but also, by the mind (Clintonet al., 2002).Consequently, an integration of the scriptures, and the mind resultin Christian counseling which incorporates both worlds. According toAdams (2010), human beings cannot operate based on one end hence theyrequire both secular psychology, and biblical scriptures in order tolead satisfactory, and fulfilling lives. Moreover, psychologistsoutline that human beings are a complicated species thus the need forpsychology which assists counselors in understanding this complicatednature (Clintonet al., 2002).

TheHoly Spirit, Biblical teachings, and scriptures are not sufficient indelineating the complicated nature of man (Greggo &amp Sisemore,2012). The psychological advantages of Christian counseling alsooutline that Christian counselors are at an upper hand of changingthe society as compared to Biblical counselors. Due to theirteachings, their clients are clearly assessed without any form oflimitations (Greggo &amp Sisemore, 2012). It is also necessary toremember that Christian counselors uphold the Bible, and view it as asource of inspiration during assessment of their clients. Inaddition, these counselors incorporate secular psychology, and theyoften settle for techniques, and theories that are best suited totheir individualistic preferences. Through taking the approach ofsecular psychology, it is evident that there are a good number ofpsychological advantages with regard to Christian counseling (Clintonet al., 2002).

Insummation, these counselors not only create a great difference in thepsychological lives of individuals but, also in the general aspectsof their lives. In fact, most individuals often testify thatChristian counseling is far much better than Biblical counseling.According to Clintonet al (2002), Christiancounselors, individuals with more insight greatly impact the lives ofothers. For this reason, Christian counselors are often urged tolengthen their teachings in parts of the communities other than theirtherapeutic offices. With reference to Jesus Christ, counselorsreckon that He died for the sins of all, and for this reasonChristian counselors have the role of dispensing their teachings toas many people as possible (Clintonet al., 2002).It is for this, and many other clear reasons that the psychologicaladvantages of Christian counseling are noted by human beings. Withthe knowledge, individuals are able to understand the phenomena thatcannot be solely deciphered by Biblical teachings. Nonetheless, it isalso important to realize that there are instances where psychologyand Christianity clash. As a result, most individuals resort toemulating tenets of Christianity rather than those of psychology(Clintonet al., 2002).


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