Psychosocial Problems in Children in Family with Same-sex Parents


PsychosocialProblems in Children in Family with Same-sex Parents

Inthe modern society, same-sex marriages have become evident. It is nownot difficult to find at least one child being raised by same-sexcouples. According to 2000 U.S. Census, it was reported that 22% ofgay couples and 33% of lesbians indicated to have at least one kidliving in their household. There have been concerns regarding thepsychosocial problems facing children that are raised or living insame-sex families. Although there are different concerns that havebeen developed by different scholars regarding psychosocial problemsfaced by kids living in the same-sex families, different researchhave confirmed that children living in gay couples and lesbiancouples are not different from those from heterosexual families(Patterson, 2000).

Amajor study conducted by Abbie Goldberg (2010) confirmed thatchildren of same-sex families are not different from other childrenin terms of mental development. Further, Abbie Goldberg’s workindicates that children living in same-sex couples are not morelikely compared to other children to become lesbian or gay however,daughters of lesbian parents are indicated to consider thispossibility regardless of whether they or do not wind up forminglesbian relationships (Goldenberg &amp Goldenberg, 2013). As amatter of fact, children of same-sex families tend to be less genderstereotyped compared to children from heterosexual parents. Besides,studies indicate that children from same-sex families are likely tobecome encouraged to be independent compared to children heterosexualparents (Goldenberg &amp Goldenberg, 2013). In addition, childrenliving in same-sex families do not depict greater tendencies towardspsychosocial problems such as anxiety, depression, and low-selfesteem compared to kids living in heterosexual families. In terms ofrelationships with their peers, children from same-sex marriages havebeen depicted to have normal and positive associations with theirpeers (Corvino &amp Gallagher, 2012).


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