Public Administration


Thecareer path of my choice is public administration. Publicadministration entails implementation of the policies of thegovernment. It prepares some civil employees to work in the publicservice. The fundamental goal is to ensure proper management ofpolicies in the public programs (Gray and Jenkins, 1995).

Genderis the range that characterizes the difference in feminity andmasculinity. The percentage of men employed in the publicadministration is 54.5%, while that of women is 39.1%. This showsthat the rate of employment for men is higher than that of women.

Thepublic administration lies in the management, professional andrelated occupations sector of the economy. This is because publicadministrators handle actions of the executive in government. Themedian earnings for men are 824 while that of women is 669.Therefore, the difference in median weekly earnings between men andwomen is 155 dollars (TheStatistical Abstract, 2012).

Publicadministration is an occupation that involves the provision of goodsand services to the public. In connection to this, if the demand ofthe public is satisfied it means, there is less argument or politics(Gray and Jenkins, 1995). If a supply function is satisfied or isless, then it will attract politics to produce goods. Based on this,the primary role of the public administration is to maximize theavailable opportunities and satisfy public wants.

Accordingto the table, management and professional sector, statistics showthat in the year 2000 the number of workers was, 34831 while in 2010,were 39145. This means the rate of employment was increasing yearly.However, the ratio of male to female had a larger difference, whichmeans women contributed little to the economy (TheStatistical Abstract, 2012).

Thejob responsibility of public administrators includes developing andestablishing the programs of the government. In academics, publicadministration covers sociology where career possibility ranges ofhuman resource to civil servants.


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