Qualification for Hiring MTs

Qualificationfor Hiring MTs

Qualificationfor Hiring MTs

Thispaper reviews the policy and program that is available in ourorganization as far as recruitment and hiring of MTs are concerned.The paper also details the interview questions that are asked in theprocess of recruitment. Any medical transcription department requirescompetent employees. Therefore, a detailed approach must be used torecruit and hire Medical transcriptionists.

Accordingto the policy requirements that are in place, the transcriptionist tobe recruited must have excellent English grammar skills. Further,these individuals working as transcriptionist must be able to provethat they have strong interest in the knowledge of the medicallanguage. In addition, when selecting the persons, the othercharacteristic that is checked is their capability to have goodvisual and auditory capability as well as superb excellent listeningskills (Garcia,David &amp Chand, 2010). Further, the individuals must show thatthey have reasonable keyboarding skills. Additionally, theindividuals fit for this job should be in a position to work for longhours in an environment characterized by high-pressure. Further, ahigh level of concentration for longer periods is integral forexecution of this job.

Aspart of the policy programs, an individual has to be certified inorder to work with our organization as a medical transcriptionist. Byhaving the necessary credentials, one shows that they professionaland provides the commitment of being the best they can be.Additionally, through certification, we as the hiring organizationare sure that indeed the candidates that we intend to hire have metgiven standards and principles of practice in the field.Certification naturally elevates an individual as well as theirprofession. For our case, priority is given to hiring the certifiedmedical transcriptionists and then paying premium for them. Throughthe credentials, we the hiring organization are sure that theseindividuals will advance in their career (Garcia, David &amp Chand,2010).

Aspart of the policy programs, the hiring of individuals is done oncontractual basis. The payment of the contracted individuals ispegged on every hour of work or through by production or bycombination of the hourly rate plus some incentive compensation forproduction. This is defined before the start of the task.

Aspart of the interview, personality test and aptitude test will becarried out. Additionally, in the written test section, there will be72 questions and the questions are not objective in their type. Forevery other question, answers must be provided. This ensures thatonly competent fellows are absorbed.

Thequalified individuals must have had at least 3 years of experienceworking as a transcriptionist. The employment is available or bothfull time and part time. The immediate positions available in theorganization are reserved for motivated individuals who can showcommitment in teamwork, quality excellence and show much interest injoining the program (Garcia, David &amp Chand, 2010). Theindividuals under consideration for this job must have good typingspeed, averagely 60 words in a minute.

Theeducational requirement for this job is that a candidate must atleast have a Grade 12 and they must have graduated from a MedicalTranscription school that is recognized by the relevant body. Asignificant quality for this job is that individuals shoulddemonstrate that they are detail-oriented given that their jobdescription requires them to be able to identify inaccuracies orinstances of inconsistencies in the information, which they listen toand then write detailed and accurate reports (Garcia, David &ampChand, 2010).


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