Question 1


Mauricesuffers from Social Phobia


Mr.Shenasi is facing Post traumatic stress

Question 3

Mrs.Baxter can be diagnosed to have Panic disorder

Question 4

Marion isexperiencing Dissocative fugue


Thesymptoms displayed by Quincy indicate that he has schizophrenia

Question 6

Elmirohas manic depression or what is currently known as bipolar disorder

Question 7

Konrad isexperiencing disassociative identity disorder

Question 8

Jaime hasPhobia

Question 9

Sidneysuffers from Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)


Seasonalaffective disorder (SAD)

Instructions:For each of the following case studies, play the role of a clinicianand make the most accurate diagnosis possible from the giveninformation (Clinical Axis I disorders only – NO PersonalityDisorders). Your answer may be just a few words, simply thediagnosis. It must be the specific diagnosis, and NOT the category orsymptoms. So for example, “Anxiety disorder” would not beaccurate because it is a category of disorders and not a specificdisorder. . “Hallucinations” would not be accurate because it isa symptom, and not a disorder. You will need to read BOTH your classnotes/powerpoints, AND the TEXTBOOK to answer these.

  1. Maurice is quiet and introverted. He is painfully shy in the presence of other people and has dropped many college courses simply because they involved oral presentations. He can`t get a job because he is intensely afraid and anxious about being interviewed. Maurice would probably be classified as having Social Phobia

  1. Mr. Shenasi frequently recalls the horrors he and his family experienced in his native Iraq. He suffers from sleep disturbances and is often awakened by terrifying nightmares. Mr. Shenasi is experiencing Post traumatic stress

  1. Mrs. Baxter recently experienced a number of terrifying episodes in which her heart suddenly starts to pound hard for no apparent reason she typically feels a choking sensation, has trouble breathing, and starts to sweat and tremble. Mrs. Baxter is probably experiencing Panic disorder

  1. Marion, a fifth-grade schoolteacher in New Jersey disappeared a few days after a painful breakup with her husband. One year later, she was discovered working as a waitress in a cocktail lounge in San Diego. Calling herself Faye, she claimed to have no recollection of her past life and insisted that she had never been married. This example illustrates Dissocative fugue

  1. Quincy falsely believes that others are plotting against him and are trying to kill him. He believes that these agents are putting poison in the hospital`s coffee supply and will attack him if he ever tries to leave the ward. He hears voices that tell him to be careful because he is being watched. Quincy is displaying symptoms of schizophrenia

  1. After several weeks of feeling sad and dissatisfied with his life, Elmiro has suddenly become extremely excited and full of energy. He talks so rapidly that he is difficult to understand. He sleeps very little,and has gone on several expensive shopping sprees. He gets very irritated when anyone tells him to take it easy and slow down. Elmiro is exhibiting the signs of bipolar disorder

  1. Konrad has experienced numerous psychiatric and physical symptoms and memory loss, and he has a chaotic personal history. During a session with his therapist, Konrad suddenly began speaking in a very childlike voice and claimed that his name was Arnold and that he was only ten years old. A short time later he reverted to his normal adult voice and claimed to have no recollection of the incident. Konrad is likely to be diagnosed with disassociative identity disorder

  1. Jaime worries constantly that her teeth will fall out. To make herself feel better, she brushes her teeth 12 times every day. Each time, she uses exactly 35 strokes up, and 35 strokes down, and uses 3 different brands of toothpaste. Jaime most likely suffers from Phobia

  1. Sidney, a college student, complains that she feels nervous and fearful most of the time but doesn`t know why. He worries constantly about everything in his life, and if he manages to deal with one problem, he starts worrying about a dozen more things. Sidney most likely suffers from Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

  1. Ursula is generally happy about her move to northern Canada six years ago, but at regular intervals since the move, she has suffered episodes during which she feels sad and blue for days. These episodes usually occur during the autumn and winter months. Ursula is most likely suffering from Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)