Quicken Loans


Howdo corporate values and goals concerning employees,customers, and the business combine to create job satisfaction andmotivate the people who work there?

Quickenloans offer online retail home mortgages it is ranked second largestretail mortgage in the United States. Its goal and mission aim atcontinuing to be a world-class lender as well as to continue growingin the market share (, 2015). Its corporate valuesinclude responding with a sense of urgency to its customers andemployees needs, always finding better ways to address issues, andalways raising their level of awareness among others. These valueshelp its leaders and team members to always innovate, immense hugeprofits, and dominate in the market. These values and other benefitsmotivate people to continue working for the company.

Thecompany also focuses on empowering its team members to do everythingpossible in order to meet clients’ needs and satisfy them at alltimes. Empowerment takes place both at workplace and at home (QuickenLoans, 2015). The company offers many opportunities geared towardsboth professional and personal growth since the company believes inpromoting from within. In connection to this, quicken loans hasperformance-based culture where performance rather than seniority isgiven first priority. Quicken loans further offer training to itsworkers this play a significant role in motivating them and ininfluencing other to look forward to working work with theorganization. For instance, it has an in-house training program, Technical University, which is specifically for its ITworkers. The program incorporates soft skills, like time managementand interpersonal communication, as well as systems training. This,in turn, helps such workers progress in their careers and realizestheir maximum potential.

Likewise,team members are entitled to scholarship programs, interest freecomputer loans, gym reimbursement, internet connection reimbursement,and tuition reimbursement among other benefits. Members are trainedon the personal development, interpersonal communications, andleadership skills, thanks to programs offered by Envision U. all teammembers get the opportunity to build their ultimate succeeds identityduring the 45-day Challenge (, 2015). . Team membersare encouraged to come along with their partners and spouses duringthe training.

Accordingto (2015), the company does not use certain words, likeemployee. The company believe that the word’employee’ does notrepresents the value, contributions, and dignity it accord to peoplethat work for them. It believes that its staff represents its corecompetitive advantage in addition to its state-of-the-art technologyand great mortgage programs. It treasures its people and worktogether with them as a team. As such they refer to their staff orrather all people working at the company as team members or teammates since they all drive and strive for the same end goalsOrganizational Goals Can Be Powerful Energizers. (n.d.). Therefore,there is rarely any disconnection between the leaders and otherindividuals doing the real work of the company. In fact, both seniorleaders’ offices and other team members’ offices are on thefloor hence, no one individual feel or becomes disconnected from thebusiness. Additionally, the company ensures that senior leadersmingle with new team members, for about one to three hours, duringthe orientation period. This, in turn, ensures that the companyphilosophies are instilled on the new members from day one. All teammembers are given the opportunity to air out their views since thecompany understand and appreciate the fact that it members can makepositive impacts within the organization. Quicken loans understandand appreciate the fact that the best ideas do not necessarily comefrom leaders but from people that indulge in day-to-day running ofthe organization. This plays a significant role in helping peoplefeel motivated to work for the company since they are satisfied. Theycan interact freely with anyone in the company anytime and anywhere.

Isthis a model every business should adopt?

Employeesatisfaction plays a vital role in helping an organization or companyattains high levels of success as well as amasses huge profits.Organizations can no longer rely on capital alone they have tocreate identities with their employees in order to gain maximumproductivity. Every business should adopt the employee satisfactionmodel just like Quicken loan has done. Allen &amp Wilburn (2002)posit that motivating people to do their best, even when they facetrying moments, play an immense role in creating high jobsatisfaction among them. An organization or company should understandthe significance of programs, like training programs, and policies.These programs and policies motivate and help employees getsatisfaction at workplaces.

Whenemployees are satisfied they always work hard towards creating moreefficient job processes. Additionally, satisfying workplaces lay aplatform for open communication between workers and the managementpersonnel. Open communication, in turn, helps workers to regularlysupply feedback and opinions that are vital in preserving thepositive workplace environment or atmosphere. Again, satisfiedemployees always pursue additional tasks that help the company growsand succeed in it endeavors (Allen et al., 2002). Satisfied employeesoften volunteer to complete some projects that are vital in theoperation of the organization and in improving the company morale.


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