Reading Response


  1. List the advantages and disadvantages that Haydar associates with covering. Do you agree that her hijab enables her “to be seen as a whole person?” why or why not?

Accordingto Hayder, one of the advantages associated with covering is therespect that one earns (Haydar,2003).She urges that men treat women who cover their head with respectsince they do not judge them solely on their looks. For instance,when she was twelve, Hayder always covered her hair as required for aMuslim woman. As a result, her life was not muddied with sexualtension. Men regarded her as a serious woman since her hijabsent them a message that she was unavailable. According to her,covering promotes women modesty but not oppression. On the otherhand, covering has some disadvantages. There are stereotypesassociated with it. Some people assume that women who cover theirheads are radical, terrorist, or people who deserve pity since theylack rights in an oppressive culture. They see them as “weak,”“helpless” and “oppressed.”

Iagree that that hijabenables Hayder “to be seen as a whole person” to some extent. Inthe modern world, most teens are dependent on type of clothing theywear. Unfortunately, they are wearing tight jeans and halter-tops. Asa result, they receive disrespectful comments from men. Hayder(2003), states that she now understands the importance of covering inMuslim religion. Further, Muslim religion states that bodies arevaluable and should not be exposed to the public.

Hayderuses rhetorical pathos strategy to make an argument. She presentsevidence by giving a vivid description, telling a story, andreferring to items to make an argument. For instance, in her article,“Veiled Intentions: Don’t Judge a Muslim Girl by her Covering”,Hayder agues wearing a veil is someone choice but not oppression(Haydar,2003).She defends her argument by giving a personal experience.Additionally, she rebuts misjudgements to get rid of stereotypes bygiving stories of her life.


Haydar,M. (2003). Veiled Intentions: Don’t Judge a Muslim Girl by HerCovering.&nbspComposingIdentity through Language, Culture, Technology, and theEnvironment,&nbsp2,125-130.