Reasons for My Poor Performance

Reasonsfor My Poor Performance

Ihave been performing consistently poorly in my studies, and Iconsequently have a very low GPA. The undesirable trend is not due tofailure to study hard, but I can attribute it to various reasons inmy environment. As an international student and I have not fullyblended in the MSU environment. My performance has not beensatisfactory due to various reasons.

First,writing skills have been a major problem for me. It affects the way Ianswer questions since I cannot make comprehensive sentencesunderstandable by my professors. However, I made a resolution toimprove on my reading and writing skills during the summer course.History and economics have not been difficult for me and the reasonfor the poor performance in the subject is the poor writing skills.However, after the summer efforts, I managed to score a B+, and Iconsider the writing problem solved.

TheEnglish language has also been a hindrance to understanding theconcepts in my study since I am an international student with Chineseas my first language. I did not get ample time to study English, andthis has affected the way I understand the questions in the exams andthe way I frame my answers. Despite understanding most of theconcepts, I lack an appropriate way of expressing them in StandardEnglish. The system of education and China are also very different,and the orientation of a new way of the study also affects myperformance since I have not fully blended into the new system.

Thereare several options that I believe would work towards the interest ofmy studies. I can spend extra time with my professors to help meunderstand the various concepts. I can also engage in doing homeworkwith extra care as well as seeking assistance from the help room. Ifthe request for reinstatement does not go through, I plan to go backto China and improve on my language.