Recruitment plan




SincereCollege Connecticut is an accredited higher education institutionlocated in Blessed Mountains, about seventy five miles from New York,being one the leading higher learning institutions, Sincere CollegeConnecticut offer comprehensive courses in different field ofstudies. Courses offered at the institution ranges include socialsciences, sciences, art, performing art and fine arts. Mostimportantly, the college has good reputation in arts education, andthus it is mainly referred to as the Connecticut’s Public LiberalArts College.

CandidateSelection Criteria

Themost important qualification for this position is adequate knowledgein business ethics. The ideal candidate for the job will take theresponsibility of teaching both core courses and elective courses inthe college. The minimum academic qualification is a doctorate degreein business discipline or related disciplines. However, in thecollege will consider potential candidates who are the process ofcompleting their doctorate dissertations. In addition to the academicqualification, the candidate should have adequate experience inteaching at university level. The candidate should also have researchinterest and teaching experience in business ethics. Individuals whohave worked in the private sector or non profit organizations willalso be considered in the recruitment and selection. During theperiod of employment at the college, the candidate will be involvedin a wide range of academic work including professional developmentand research. Prospective candidates interested in the positionshould visit the college website and complete the application form.Additional information about the position is also provided in thewebsite. In addition to the application form and resume, thecandidate should also provide a cover letter, a statement of teachingphilosophy and three referees. The successful candidate’scompensation will be guided by the Ivy League. The candidate willearn an annual basic salary of at least seventy thousand dollarswhich will be reviewed annually depending on performance.

Budgetfor Advertising

Accordingto Clark and Ma (2005), formal letters and brochures are appropriatemethods of reaching the most suitable candidates. The brochures andformal letters will direct the potential candidates to the collegewebsite for detailed information. This will ensure that theuniversity significantly reduces the cost of the recruitment processas well as soliciting for the most qualified candidate. Therecruitment process budget is ten thousand dollars.


Toreach more trained and experienced candidates, it is necessary topost the job advert on print media. On average the cost of one advertwill cost the university about four hundred and fifty dollars. A twodays advert in three major print media will be sufficient, which willcost about 2700 dollars. Additionally, online adverts will be veryimportant because they exist for a relatively longer time and have noword limit (Rao, 2007). The recruitment team will target six advertsin major business websites with an average cost of 235 dollars (atotal of 1550 dollars). The team will also use the services of SearchEngine Optimization expert in the preparation of materials for thecollege website (Rao, 2007). This will cost about one hundreddollars.


Additionalcost in the recruitment process may include the cost of relocatingthe candidate after selection and medical checkups before formalengagement. The cost of relocation is estimated to be about 300dollars which medical checkups budget is 150 dollars.


Professionalassociations and conferences can contribute to the recruitment andselection process. The recruitment team will request all relevantindividuals to share information about the availability of theposition in conferences. However, there are no funds allocated tothis initiative. The chairman of the department will also search forappropriate mailing lists and professional associations newsletters.The team will also search for active researchers and scholars in therelevant fields in major journals.


Theteam will also exploit the college staff social networks byencouraging them to advertise the vacancy to their friends.Additionally, the department will request related departments inother colleges and universities to spread information about the post.The department will also identify some potential candidate andcontact them directly requesting them to apply for the post. Thedepartment will use both the social media and emails to pass thisinformation since there is no budget allocated to it. This, therewill be no cost incurred. As a incentive, any member of staff thatrecommends a candidate who qualifies for the interview will beoffered a free copy of a professional publication. 200 dollars hasbeen allocated for this incentive.

Processof Interviewing

Duringthe interviewing process, a panel of five people will meet twice. Inthe first meeting, the panel wills shortlist the most appropriatecandidates for the interview from the applicants. This meeting willtake place three weeks after the vacancy was published. The panelwill be required to deliberate on the appropriate method of shortlisting the candidates and develop a list of the most appropriatecandidates. The selected candidates will be invited for an interviewwith at least two weeks notice.

TheSelection Panel

Thesearch committee will be tasked with preparing the list of allcandidates to be interviewed. Additionally, it is the responsibilityof the committee to identify a suitable selection process. Thecommittee will constitute the selection panel which should be diverseand have gender balance (Deb, 2006). The members of the committeewill be members of the college staff and would be paid sittingallowances for the two scheduled meetings.


Hostingthe guests and related arrangements such as lodging will be theresponsibility of the Hiring manager. With the help of support staff,the hiring manager will assist the interviewees and interviewers withhotel arrangements. This will be allocated a budget of 1500 dollars.All receipts will be forwarded to the finance department.


Eachof the interviewed candidates will be allocated ten refreshmentallowance of ten dollars for the entire recruitment period.Additionally, refreshment and meals (three meals) allowance of threehundred dollars will be allocated to the interviewers.


Tominimize inconveniences and cost, the hiring manager will organizethe air tickets for the selection panel. The air tickets will bebooked at least two weeks in advance and all the receipts shouldconfirm receipts to avoid inconveniences (Kandula, 2007). Candidatesfrom far location, where traveling cost is above 200 dollars will bereimbursed. These candidates will be required to make their owntravel arrangements and present the travel document forreimbursement. For individuals involved in the recruitment andselection process, including interviewers and candidates, who wouldlike to be picked at the airport, the hiring manager will have acollege van at his disposal. The department will be reimbursed forthe expenses incurred, including fuel costs.


Thehiring center will be used during the short listing process and theinterview process, two operational days. The repairs and otherpreparation of the site will be done by the department (Kandula,2007). However, the hiring manager will engage the services ofrelevant experts to ensure that all the equipments and facilities arefunctioning. There is no budget for these services since the expertsare employees of the college.


The vacancy will be considered to be open until the applicationdeadline and the recruitment and selection process is over. A onemonth adjustment period will also be allowed since there is apossibility that the first recruitment process will not yield thedesired candidate. For this eventuality, a reserve of 1000 dollarshas been allocated.

Recruitment budget



Print media


Online advertisements


SEO article


Other costs


Networking incentives











$10 000


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