Reflection Management Style

ReflectionManagement Style

ReflectionManagement Style

Mydefinition of a manager has not changed even after undertaking thecourse. The definition of a manager can be derived from thedefinition of a concept of management, which is a process that iscomprised of technical, social functions, and activities that occurwithin the organization (Thompson, Buchbinder &amp Shanks, 2000).Therefore, a manager is a person who is responsible for controllingtechnical and social functions as well as all other types ofactivities that take place within an organization. This implies thatmy initial understanding of the term manager and the concept ofmanagement has remained constant after undertaking the course.

Istill agree with the good qualities of a manager that were originallyidentified. The originally identified qualities (including beingoriented towards results, being assertive, ability to delegateresponsibilities, and the ability to demonstrate leadership skills)are essential for every manager irrespective of the type or the sizeof the organizations that they manage (Sawalha, 2014).

However,there are three additional qualities that can enhance the success ofa manager. First, a manager should be self-motivated. This is basedon the notion that other people look up to managers to motivate them,which means that managers cannot motivate themselves if they cannotself-motivate (Pozin, 2014). Secondly, integrity is among the keyqualities of good managers. Junior members of staff need believe inhonest managers who follow rules and do what they say. Third, goodmanagers should be reliable, which means that the executive officersand the juniors should be able to count on them (Pozin, 2014). Thecombination of these qualities and those that were identifiedinitially makes an effective manager.


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