St.UrbinWebb, RN

GrandCanyon NRS 440V

ProfessorKathy Karlberg

August30th, 2015


Iconsider myself fully competent on personal and professionalaccountability. I understand that by being accountable as a nurseinvolves standing by my decisions and those that I delegate to otherpeople. This means that I am answerable to myself when it comesreflecting and evaluating my performance and also answerable toothers, more so, the supervising authority and subordinates. Asnurses my profession holds me accountable for my actions, ensuringthat I utilize my skills and knowledge as a nurse to deliver safe andeffective care geared towards improving patient outcome.Additionally, I work within the acceptable ethical guidelines fornurses. Some of these requirements keep on changing in relations tolaws and evidence based practice. Therefore, to make sure I performthe role of nurse well, I have to make sure that I advance my skillsthrough continuous learning. While education can improve myperformance, it can also be critical in advancing my career as anurse.

Giventhat I look forward to advancing my career and becoming an advancenurse practitioner, my current goal is to continue building andstrengthening my clinical skills and gain experience in the area ofIMCU, ICU and Or care. Since I am yet to gain such skills or enrollin any training program, I can honestly say that I am just a noviceon certification. However, I also look forward to enrolling in shortterm courses and workshops to improve my skills and hopefully receivecertification on specified areas of training such as chemo therapyand wound care.


Myscore from the inventory tool indicates that I am an expert inunderstanding my current role, knowing my future and positioningmyself well to achieve the desired future. There are several reasonswhy I think that my skill level in this area is on expert level. As achild my mother instilled in me the importance of setting goals andworking towards achieving. She would say to me “son nothing in lifecome easy but if you work hard you can achieve anything you set yourmind to.” I have achieved all the goals I had set forth as a childsuch as becoming a flight attendant and a nurse and I will continueto challenge myself by setting new goals and finding ways to achievethem. As of now my goal is to complete my BSN. Afterwards I will takea break and spend some time with my family which is very important tome. However, my eyes are set on becoming an advance nursepractitioner specializing in family practice. For me, such a levelwould offer me better job satisfaction since it is one of my key lifegoals.


Theexperience I have gained thus far as a nurse and throughout my lifehas enabled me

togain considerable skills as a leader. I can use my skills of criticalthinking to help me solve issues or overcome barriers and challengesI may face both in my private and professional life. As a preceptor,I have grown in my ability to influence, encourage and support novicenurses as they embark on their learning experiences. My ability tomotivate, delegate, effectively communicate, and maintain a positiveattitude has encouraged other nurses to continue their education andobtain their BSN. These skills are very necessary in my role as anurse and member of a health care team. Actively participating andtaking the leadership role in committees such as employee engagement,patient satisfaction, and employee recognition has enabled me tostrengthen and continue to build my leadership skills.

Inow realize that action learning involves development of individualskills to respond to arising challenges and issues in the workplace.Actual learning only takes place if a nurse’s actions and decisionsare supported by colleagues who have a common positive view of theorganization and their leaders. As nurses I have faced and willcontinue to face challenges in patient care, current health deliverysystem and my working environment. All these challenges present a newlearning opportunity that I more than willing to embrace. My abilityto exercise my leadership skills will also help me find solutions andadvocate for changes to improve patient care and my workingenvironment.

Iwill utilize my leadership skills to advocate for change in my workplace by identifying the issue or problems that are affecting patientcare or hinder the delivery of safe and effective care. I plan toachieve this by facilitating and encouraging open communication. Opencommunication not only allows better understanding but also improvescare and creates an enabling workplace environment. As such, I havemade plans to motivate fellow nurses and colleagues to communicatemore openly. I will motivate them through case studies socializingwith and forming strong networks of friendship.

Myfuture leadership goal is to gain knowledge. To accomplish this Iwill have to take leadership courses and engage on a personal levelwith established leaders in various fields. Proven leaders caninspire me and even offer me an opportunity to learn from them andeven where possible emulate some of their proven skills andstrategies in leadership. As for the courses, there are numerouscourses I can take to advance my knowledge in the healthcare fieldand even on general knowledge. Given that I am well adapted incontinuous learning, I hope that I will have little problem inindentifying courses to enroll in to advance my knowledge.