Regional Characteristics Reflected in Art


RegionalCharacteristics Reflected in Art

Artwork can be associated with different art movements or periods thathelp in identifying the characteristics that can be associated with aparticular art work. Regional characteristics are usually evident inart. In this report, Palmieri’s Round Terrace (1866) and ParisStreet, Rainy Day (1877)that were evident during the impressionism period will be discussedin respect to their similarities and differences.

ThePalmieri’s Round Terrace (1866) and ParisStreet, Rainy Day (1877) are two art works from Italy and Francerespectively. These two works share the same period since they werecreated during the impressionism. One of the differences in theirsubjects is that the subjects in Palmieri’sRound Terrace (1866) are purely women while the subjects in ParisStreet, Rainy Day (1877) are men and women (Fichner-Rathus, 2014).Besides, in terms of the materials used, the two art works aredifferent. In Palmieri’sRound Terrace (1866), women have been depicted to be below PalmieriBath awning in a coast background while in ParisStreet, Rainy Day (1877), man in a coat and a hat alongside with awoman holding umbrellas have been depicted in a street background.Despite the differences, the two art works can also be indicated tohave some similarities. One of the similarities amid the two artworks entails the method used. Landscape painting has been used inthe two art works. Also, in the two art works, fleeting effect of thenatural light has been applied. Palmieri’sRound Terrace (1866) is reflective of the impressionism through itsuse of natural light of painting it is unique to its region since itwas among the first to have macchia technique applied. On the otherhand, ParisStreet, Rainy Day (1877) is reflective of the impressionism due itsuse of natural light to capture fleeting effects. It is unique to itsregion since it sticks to a separately realistic aesthetic, whichdiffers from other impressionistic works in the region.

Inresponse to classmates’ postings, TheThird of May, 1808 wasdiscussed.Thisart work was created in Spain. It is different from the art worksdiscussed above because it uses color to bring about feelings andbehavior of subjects. However, it is similar to the works discussedabove since it applies landscape painting.


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