Resource Scheduling and being an Effective Project Manager

ResourceScheduling and being an Effective Project Manager

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ResourceScheduling and being an Effective Project Manager


Multi-projectresource scheduling faces numerous problems but the three most commonare competition, confusion and delays. Competition occurs when abusiness has numerous ideas emerging from various departments butlack the resources needed to actualize these ideas. On most occasionsthis results into departmental competition within the firm becauseeach department wants to get the necessary resources to achieve theirobjective(Kolisch,1995).Confusion is another aspect that emerges from multi project resourcescheduling because a company might have various projects in which allthese projects send differing signals and results to the company’smanagement team. Furthermore, the various projects are done lightlybecause resources of all kinds are shared among the projectmanagers(Kolisch,1995).Delay is the last problem faced in firms engaging in various projectsbecause of the time factor. Allocating resources to the variousprojects requires time management skills which is usually lacking dueto the time frame. Outsourcing projects to a single vendor transfersthe risks involved from the project manager to the supplier. Thisminimizes the possibility of projects failing and their successfulcompletion through a cost effective budget. Outsourcing project workto other countries with less strict labor laws where employees arepaid minimal wages and there is no need for employee insurance,project managers are able to conduct their projects at affordablecosts. Outsourcing project work to qualified professionals minimizesoperational costs especially during periods of economic recessions(Kolisch,1995).


Projectmanagers are required to have management skills especially when itcomes to labor and financial resources as well as excellentcommunication techniques when it comes to delegating responsibilitiesto different project supervisors. These management skills areimportant because it ensures that all employees are delegated dutiesas per their qualifications so that excellence and quality service isachieved (ProjectManagement Institute, 2013).For instance, it would be unprofessional for software engineers to beassigned the job of programmers because both of these professionalshave different and contradicting expectations and outcome.


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