Science or Pseudopodia The Happening Movie


Scienceor Pseudopodia: The Happening Movie

Scienceor Pseudopodia: The Happening Movie

Themovie TheHappeningis a science fiction latest creation of M. Night Shyamalan. Itrevolves around a deadly wave of suicides plague across the CentralPark in New York City, which claims the lives of several citizens ina town to a point of having people within the neighborhood startrunning away for safety. These people are in great panic and startmoving to other areas far from their city. This again raises thequestion of the possibility of running away from a highly contagiousdeadly airborne disease, without the knowledge of it cause oreffects. The cause of the pandemic towards the end results from aclose correlation across various plant species, working together toeliminate their greatest disservice who apparently result to be theman.

Theircreation of the deadly pollen causing the sickness which eventuallyleads to suicide is a way of the plants fighting human pollution andits effects on humanity. The pseudopodia impact is brought out bythe sense that there exists a possibility of physical contactsbetween plants which warrants them to communicate and reach anagreeable conclusion of ending humanity. The most outrageouslyfactious point of view is that the plants communication is across allspecies of the plants as opposed to the possibility of only onespecies. This is plausible since it is scientifically impossible forplants to communicate physically and across all species reaching anagreement. This revelation is brought out towards the end of themovie by the author and director, M. Night Shyamalan.

Anotherscientific contravention involves one of the characters in the movieTheHappening claimthat plants can detect the presence of a human being thus infectinghim consciously with the virus. There exists no proof of such strongconnections that would warrant plants responding to human stimuluswhether positively or negatively. Unless the movie director hadchosen to argue that such stimuli can be created as an effect ofhuman pollution on the environment though no such a theory has beenproven.

Theproducer should have used a much scientific approach in bringing outthe desired outcome to take home the desired message in the chosentheme. For instance, he ought to have made the plant communicationchemical and involving dissimilar plants species. This would havecarried some scientific credence and thus reduced the rate ofnegative criticism. He also should have brought out the cause of theepidemic to be not as a result of plants outrage, but rather a caseof an unconscious impact of environmental human pollution on thehuman race. This is also plausible in the sense that there exist noscientifically proven theory of cause and effects of human pollutionon the environment ever causing such impacts on the plants. If thiswere the case, human beings would have gone into extinction, owing tothe much industrial waste and other pollutants into the environment.

Justlike animals, the movie highlights a serious uprising of the plantsagainst human beings. This in a way is scientific since plants dofight for nutrients with one another. The lesser the nutrients, themore aggressive the plants become against one another in the fightfor survival and dominance. This scientific approach again could havebeen expounded to bring out a possible scenario of the plants speciesbecoming aggressively competitive for nutrients, as a result ofscarcity caused by human pollution. This could have resulted in theirproduction of the toxic pollens that later impact so negatively onthe human species causing the suicide wave.

Movieproduction cannot be purely factual, but the themes should be basedon scientifically proven theories. In as much as fiction isimaginary, the content should not be as misleading as a case autismtreatment a friend of mine underwent in the quest to find cure forhis son. The latter involved a friend of mine who was a medicalengineer and had an autistic son. In his desperate quest to help hisson recover, he fell for pseudopodia intrigues that blinded hisknowledge completely. This lead him to buy very expensive medicineand paying for expensive sessions without failure for the fear ofwhat could not be substantiated.

Thiswas even after his son’s doctors couldn’t diagnose the causes ofautism even though they boldly claimed to have found a treatmentwhich was gradual. This tied many patients into buying the drugs andusing them religiously in the hope that their children would getbetter. The sad ending was for the doctor to realize that with orwithout the prescribed medicine, his son was improving in a greatway. This forced him to reason logically and thus started campaigningagainst the drug use and the fear spread to compel the patients tocontinue buying and using them. In both cases – the movie and thegiven experience- there exists serious contradictions to real scienceand some claims used to bring the desired message are notscientifically proven.


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