Senior Seminar

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of the purpose of ASA

ASAis an organization that is dedicated to advancing sociology and iswell positioned to offer a range of service to the members and topromote the vitality, diversity and the visibility of the discipline.The association also implements and articulates programs that arelikely to have a larger influence on the current and future sociology(American Sociological Association 2008).

Missionof ASA

Theorganization has three major objectives in its operations. Theyinclude:

  • The first mission of ASA is to serve the sociologists in their work

  • To advance Sociology as a profession and a science

  • To promote the use and the contribution of sociology to the member of the society.

Benefitsand Resources it provides to Members and the General Public

Members of ASA get the education and are entitled to informationdelivery. The association offers timely information about theactivities of the organization, and they are also entitled to eventannouncements and the available monthly opportunities. Membersreceive news and e-newsletters give them the required information onthe above events (American Sociological Association, 2008).

of the purpose of Association for Humanist Sociology

This association is a community of scholars, educators, sociologistsand activists who are dedicated to sharing a commitment to usingsociology as a platform to promote equality, social justice, andpeace. The association also supports sociologists and activiststowards ensuring that there are human values (Bryant, and Dennis2007).

Missionof Association for Humanist Sociology

Themission of the association is to enable the human sociologistsstruggle as professionals, as activists and as scholars to addressand to uncover the social issues and ensure that there is justice inthe society.

Benefitsand Resources it provides to Members and the General Public

It ensures that members and the public are entitled to peace andjustice. It is a global organization that ensures that all theindividuals in the world benefits from the movement (Bryant, andDennis 2007).


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