Shared Leadership



Shared leadershiprefers to a type of leadership, which is broadly distributed, andenables people within a group or an organization to lead each other.Conger &amp Pearce (2003) defines it as, “individual members of ateam taking part in activities which influences the team.” Shareleadership influences dynamism and influence a process withinindividuals or groups with an objective to offer leadership to oneanother. It may involve lateral, or peer influence, either downwardor upward, in terms of hierarchy.

It is importantthat top executives in an organization to value and support sharedleadership. Unlike old days when top executives in an organizationenjoyed elevated status, especially in decision-making, today,businesses are handled in a kind of environment with sustaineduncertainty and intensive competition (Conger &amp Pearce, 2003).All this requires a kind of leadership with more certainty of thefuture. Top executives should, therefore, embrace shared leadershipsince it offers a wider perspective of the manner in which theorganizations conducts operations and facilitate proper use oftechnology (Conger &amp Pearce, 2003). Additionally, sharedleadership creates organizational vision since everyone within theteam is mandated with a responsibility, which also cultivates theculture of passion and sacrifice for the organization without muchinput from the executives.

In my organization, it reaches a point whereby business functionsand operations became harder to manage from the top. Our CEO opted toembrace shared leadership where every individual within the team wasgiven a role to play. I remember our CEO saying that “the CEOcannot be all-around master of everything.” With operations loweredto the individual level, we became more aligned to the company’sgoals and vision than we were to ours. The team became more aware oftight schedules and time it would take to accomplish businesssegments.


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