1. Pinocchio is very feeble in his story books. Our president looks like Pinocchio.

a)The president knows Pinocchio.

b)The president is related to Pinocchio.

c)The president is as feeble as Pinocchio.

d)The President’s name is Pinocchio.

  1. When a new student joins a new school, they are usually very scared of the others. Mr. Jones, our new Math teacher, looks like a new student in the school.

a)Mr. Jones is a student while our math teacher.

b)Mr. Jones looks scared.

c)Mr. Jones has a look-alike who is a student in school.

d)Mr. Jones and the new student are both in our class.

  1. Frankenstein is very ugly in his movies. The next door neighbor looks like Frankenstein especially during the night time.

a)The next door neighbor is Frankenstein.

b)Frankenstein and the next door neighbor both come out at night.

c)The next door neighbor knows Frankenstein.

d)The next door neighbor is ugly.

  1. The Government is setting up certain policies and measures that will censor the media. The media has been very vocal on sharing and broadcasting information in regard to the government. This information is mainly critical and one that the public would not have known as it involves corruption and abuse of office by some parliamentarians.

a)The government is closing down all Media houses.

b)The Government wants to silence the media from delivering vitalinformation to the people.

c)The Government does not care about the freedom and the media.

  1. The Minister in charge of Water and sanitation stated that the drainage system in the city can be able to serve the inhabitants of the city even if they are doubled.

a)There is no need of making allocation of public funds to cater forthe construction of bigger drainage system.

b)The drainage system is well maintained.

c)The city has few people and they do not use the drainage systempresent.

d)The drainage system was built with a long term plan that it wouldcater for a larger population if the city was to increase in number.

  1. In Annual Choir Music Festivals this year, the presentations were all gospel songs. It made the audience think that it was a requirement that all Choirs had to perform gospel songs.

a)Gospel songs are the only songs that can be sung by choirs.

b)All choirs are Christian-based.

c)The main selection criteria for making a presentation in the Festivalwas to have a gospel song as one of the items to present.

d)It was just a coincidence that all choirs preferred to present gospelsongs.

  1. Abraham Lincoln was a courageous and intelligent man. He went ahead to become the United States of American President in his era.

a)All United States presidents are courageous and intelligent.

b)Abraham Lincoln was the only man that was courageous and intelligenttherefore they choose him as the president.

c)Being courageous and intelligent can make you achieve greatachievements like being the president of the United States ofAmerica.

d)Men who are courageous and intelligent are only found in UnitedStates of America.

  1. Starvation through famine and drought are major calamities facing the people in Africa. People should always avoid wasting of food when they have plenty especially after knowing that there are others who do not have any to consume. Studies showed that the food wasted in developed countries in a year could have massive positive impact if it were to be channeled in feeding programs for developing countries.

a)Africa requires the waste food to survive.

b)Consuming all food given without wasting is recommended especiallysince many people in Africa are succumbing to starvation.

c)In Africa, there is no food due to starvation from famine anddrought.

  1. John, Mark and Antony are young guys who are strong, healthy and intelligent. They went to Harvard School of Business to pursue their respective degrees and now they all work at the Wall Street Corporations.

a)All young men from Harvard School of Business are healthy, strong andintelligent.

b)Young Harvard men work in the Wall Street Corporations.

c)John, Mark and Antony are a sample of Harvard Alumni who work in theWall Street Corporation and are healthy, strong and intelligent.

d)It is a requirement to be healthy, strong and intelligent when onewants to join both Harvard School of Business and Wall StreetCorporations.

  1. Electricity travels fast through matter and is approximated to be in millions of miles per second. Usain Bolt, from Jamaica, runs 100 meters and he always wins against various competitors over the last 5 years.

a)Usain Bolt runs a million miles per second.

b)Usain Bolt is like Electricity in both being fast and travellingthrough matter in a speed of a million miles per second.

c)Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world and is compared toelectricity when it comes to matter.

d)Usain Bolt if the Electricity in human nature.

  1. Esther, Stella and Ruth passed their undergraduate studies each with a First Class Honors. They all came from humble backgrounds and have been on and off from school due to school fees arears.

a)For one to pass in the undergraduate level, one has to have come froma humble background.

b)School fees issues only used to happen to Esther, Stella and Ruthduring their undergraduate studies.

c)Esther, Stella and Ruth passed their undergraduate education level asthey purposed to uplift their living standards despite their humblebackgrounds.

d)Intelligent people have school fees issues and come from humblebackgrounds.

  1. The Bible states that people perish due to ignorance and lack of knowledge. Ignorance is a self-inflicted vice as the solution comes from within. There is no structural procedure of eradicating ignorance. Knowledge, on the other hand, can be gained through education and life experiences.

a)People will perish as we do not have structural procedures toeradicate or curb ignorance.

b)To ensure that people do not perish, we shall first commence withequipping people with knowledge as we determine ways of curbingignorance.

c)Ignorance is not a major issue in the issue of people perishing.

  1. students’ performance is enhanced through participation of various stakeholders like parents, teachers and school administration in ensuring they perform they perform better through the engagement of the stakeholders in their specific roles schools would not have degenerate students. Stakeholders need to be made aware of their respective roles in the student’s performance.

a)All stakeholders have roles to play in the students’ performance.

b)Students should talk to their parents, teachers and schooladministration to have improved performance.

c)Stakeholders should have meeting on how to change or impact theperformance of the students.

d)School should ensure that the students perform well irrespective ofwhether the stakeholders playing their roles or not.

  1. Third world countries are faced by problems of corruption and bad leadership. The potential of the country is not fully utilized, in some cases, not identified making it continue to be underdeveloped and hence staying in third world category.

a)Bad leadership and corruption if curbed could elevate the level ofthe third world country.

b)Third world countries have no potential whatsoever due to bad andcorrupt leadership.

c)Bad and corrupt leaders are only found in Third world countries.

d)Potentials are only identified through good and uncorrupt leadershipin Third world countries.

  1. United States of America is the superpower country in the world. It is considered to be highly developed and has been able to tackle numerous challenges that are characterized by developing countries. China is significantly developing it country and tackling the challenges that are inherent in developing countries.

a)China is the new super power country.

b)China and United States of America are equal in development andchallenges tackling.

c)The continuous improvement and development of China could pose achallenge to the super power title against United States of Americain the near future.

d)China Is part of United States of America due to its developednature.

  1. Aristotle was a renowned scientist who discovered the force of gravity when an apple fell from a tree. His discovery has been a pillar in science in over 100 years and many people rely on it despite not knowing Aristotle in person. People in his age and era thought he was crazy and mad when he run around the city stating his discovery.

a) Mad men should be taken serious as they could have achieved todiscover something that will be helpful in life.

b)Not all people who are considered to be mad men should be disregardedfor the work they have done.

c)Gravity caused Aristotle to be mad.

d)People in his era were the ones who were mad not to see his greatdiscovery.


  1. Roger Maris record of 1961 to 1998 of 61 home runs has never been broken. He should be considered a legend in baseball.

(Trueor False)

  1. Several young professionals watched the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and they stated engaging in drug use and abuse in the aim of forging success in their career lives. After several months of drug use, most of them were admitted in the mental hospitals as they had severe symptoms of addicts and hallucinations. We should regulate the movies we give to young adults.

(Trueor False)

  1. Volcanic eruptions are considered very dangerous and involve the fast movement of magma from the grounds causing massive negative effects as a result. When people, especially ladies, hold anger for long, it may come out causing massive negative effects. Anger withheld can be compared to a volcanic eruption coming out with massive negative effects.

(Trueor False)

  1. Marks likes sporting activities such as soccer, baseball, hockey and darts. Samantha, her sister, also likes sporting activities such as soccer, hockey, chess and darts. Samantha will probably like Baseball.

(Trueor False)

  1. The Government Agency dealing in food security stated that there will be expected drought starting end of the year. People should ensure they have in store enough food to enable them survive a whole season of famine and drought.

(Trueor False)

  1. Venus and Mercury are planets that are nearest to the sun. There is no oxygen present hence no vegetation can survive. Some human being have been able to travel to the planets and are currently living there as their native lands.

(Tueor False)

  1. Structures In schools dictate that one has to pass through the set levels of education before reaching the tertiary one. Therefore, a child will be required to undergo from kindergarten, through primary to high school then college level. There are several thirteen year olds pursuing Maters program in Harvard School of Business.

(Tueor False)

  1. Barrack Obama, George Bush Senior, Bush Junior and Bill Clinton have experience in the field of Law and Political science. They have all served as the Presidents of United States of America. For one to become the President of The United States, one has to have knowledge or experience in law and political science.

(Tueor False)

  1. Deforestation s becoming a major threat to the forests existence as many trees are cut down for business purposes. The wood and furniture market is booming hence creating a demand for wood in the market. It has result to the loss of numerous indigenous trees. There will be a massive stretch in the water basis as trees continue being cut down.

(Trueor False)

  1. Highlands are characterized by good and conducive weather that can support the growth a numerous crops mainly vegetables. It creates a self-sustenance kind of life for the people who live in the highlands region. Life is cheap living in the highlands in comparison to living in the City.

(Trueor False)

  1. The people who are found in Iceland and the Antarctica region are usually short in size and stout. This has been as a result the prevailing cold weather conditions that has made the people’s genetics and bodies smaller in order to accumulate warmer. It can therefore be said that the bodies are able to grow in response to the prevailing climate and weather conditions.

(Trueor False)

  1. Crimes are rampant in the ghetto regions and states. The inhabitants are mainly schools drop out or people who did not the chance to go through good education systems. This creates a spiral effect as their children grow to become just like their fathers. In the long run the number of people uneducated and involved in crimes increases. If good schools are introduced to these cities with ghettos, it could result to a significant reduction in crimes in the country.

(Trueor False)

  1. Google is a company characterized with the development of major technological advancements. These products are usually developed by the IT gurus who are from the best schools in the country. The development and growth of Apple Inc. was a shocking revelation that even those who have not passed through good schools and completed their studies like Steve Jobs can still become gurus in the technology world. One does not need to go to school or have knowledge of IT to be a technology guru.

(Trueor False)

  1. Sam is musical in nature and loves instruments such as guitars, piano and drum sets. His fellow band friends loves drum sets, piano and flute. It is expected that Sam also loves flutes.

(Trueor False)

  1. Most of Asian countries are faced with wars and political instability hence affecting their development. 90% of their inhabitants profess Islam religion and believe in jihad, “The holy war.” People who profess Islam religion are violent and causing wars in the Asian countries.

(Trueor False)