Social Class Divide Topic Proposal

SocialClass Divide Topic Proposal

Socialclass divide in the society today is a cause of concern because itgives a strong indication of the social, economic and politicalchallenges the world is facing. More significant is that the socialclass divide is the basis of all forms of inequalities in thesociety, which makes the modern life an unfair environment for thedisadvantaged social classes. This concern is what inspired me tochoose the social class divide as the topic of the paper and theanalysis of the texts that we have studied in class. I was alsoinformed of the problems and challenges that the society is facing asa result of social, economic and political inequalities arising fromthe social class divide.Toexplore this topic and analyze it through the contexts of the textand the modern world, it is important to highlight the existence ofthe challenge. The social class divide exists in a tri-class socialstratification with the high class being the rich and the poor peopleforming the lower class. In the middle is the middle-class thatdefines the social class that has abilities of the higher class whilefacing the challenges of poverty. I chose this topic because thesocial stratification into the three levels is significantly evidentin my society, which is the same in every society.Themain course of the book that I will analyze is TheHunger Games.I will analyze this book in terms of the social class divide thatexists in the society that the book reflects. The reason forselecting this book is because it involves a country with two majordiverse social classes that are marked by the division between therich and the poor. The rich live in the city, where there isavailability of all manner of social amenities and control theeconomy of the country. On the other side, the poor live in thedistricts, where they are barely surviving and living in poverty. Thegap between the two levels of the society shows how the text reflectsthe modern society in the world.Inaddition, I will also reflect the experiences of the characters inthe SuperSad Love Storyand how they reflect the problems of the social class divide.This will shed more light into the challenges of the dystopian lifemarked by massive social divide and how people try to adjust to thesechallenges. Moreover, I will use the book Stratification:Social Division and Inequalityby Wendy Botero. This book will shed light on the causes,circumstances and consequences of social class divisions. Moreimportantly, the book explores a reality in the current world that isdominated by the dystopian living that is based on the divisionbetween the high class and the low class.Thepaper will also consider other types of research and I will use themto enrich the arguments in the paper. One of them is the observationof my society, and how social class divide is exhibited as well ashow it affects the social cohesion and economic aspects of thesociety. I will also research how social class divide exists in otherparts of the world in order to understand the level of stratificationthat every person in the society fits into. This will give me thepractical aspects of social class divide of the modern society andthe reflection of dystopia in the modern world.