Social Media Assignment Week 1


SocialMedia Assignment Week 1


Howis social media used in business?

Theuse of the social media has become a vital tool for businesses.Businesses are now using businesses to carryout different activitiesthat were previously carried out through other means. One of the waysthat the social media is used in business entails attractingcustomers. It is the aim of every business to have a large number ofcustomers since it is out of the vast numbers that business becomesprofitable. Businesses have turned to the social media as a tool ofattracting customers. Through the social media, businesses can easilyappeal to customers to be part of their operations. This can be donethrough a business sending friend requests to customers in thismanner, the business attracts customers (Business Victoria, 2010).

Anotheruse of the social media in business is to enhance or increase brandawareness (Business Victoria, 2010). Brand awareness is an essentialelement to a business because it helps a business to be recognized bythe brand. The social media can be used to introduce an unknown brandto customers. For example, through the use of social media platformslike Twitter and Facebook, a company can introduce a certain brandthrough sending tweets to friends or suggesting a page that friendsshould like that has information concerning the brand beingintroduced. After introducing the brand, the social media can be usedto increase its recognition to more customers as the page containinginformation about the brand can be shared to a vast number ofindividuals on the social media.

Besides,businesses can use the social media in building online relationshipswith customers. Through the social media, it is possible to buildrelationships with customers (Belanger &amp Van, 2012). Customerscan use the social media in engaging businesses in answering queriesthat they may have. Thus, social media can help in building one toone relationships amid businesses and customers.


Searchthe Internet and find articles that describe some of the risks ofusing social media at work. List and describe at least 3 risksof allowing employees to use social media during work hours ontheir desktop or laptop computers

Theuse the social media has come with benefits as well as risks, when itcomes to working environment. One of the risks of allowing employeesto use social media during work hours on their desktop or laptopentails the potential of facing a legal liability. In case employeesare allowed to use social media during working hours, they may becomeinvolved in sharing abusive things that may lead to being sued. Whenemployees are allowed to use the social media, they may think thatthey have the freedom of expressing themselves the way they want itis out of this feeling that employees may post abusive items on thesocial media, which may attract penalties of the court. For instance,an employee may post a bad comment concerning a supervisor or managerof the company they work for a move that may lead to the supervisoror manager suing the employee. Another risk posed by allowingemployees to use social media during work hours on their desktop orlaptop their entails the potential of breaking federal labor laws. Incase employees are allowed to use the social media during work hours,they may talk ill or post nasty things about a manager or supervisor,which may prompt the supervisor or manager to terminate them(Hettinga&amp Immel, 2010).Such a termination may be against the National Labor Relations Act(NLRA).

Inaddition, allowing employees to use the social media during workhours on their desktop or laptop may pose the risk of reducedproductivity (Williams,2009).In case employees are allowed to use the social media during workhours, their concentration on different matters of the company may bedecreased. This is because the concentration of the employees wouldbe more on the social media. For instance, employees may concentrateon the social media rather than serve customers. This wouldautomatically reduce the productivity of an organization.


Searchthe Internet and find 2 examples of businesses using social media.Briefly describe the business, how they are using social media,and what they expect to gain by using social media

Oneof the businesses using the social medial is T-Mobile USA. T-Mobileis one of the tech giant companies in the United States operating inthe wireless industry. The company provides mobile phones as well asmobile internet service, including voice mail and text messages tobusinesses and individuals. The T-Mobile USA is using the socialmedia in reaching out to its customer base. Apart from sharing withcustomers through the social media, the company also uses the socialmedia in ensuring that it gives feedback to its customers. Thecompany expects to gain a competitive advantage in the market byusing the social media.

Anotherexample of a business using the social media in its operations is theFrank Body. Frank Body entails a small beauty organization whichspecializes in a body scrap that is made from coffee grounds. Thiscompany has been using the social media especially the Instagram inengaging the customer to get to know its products. As the companyengages customers to get involved in its directions for use pictures,the company gives its customers an opportunity of understanding howto use its products. The social media has also been used by thebusiness in attracting customers. One of the chief benefits that thecompany will gain from the use of the social media is enhancedbranding. Besides, the company will also gain a competitive advantagecritical for operation in the market.


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