Sociological Research



Impactsof on Public Policy

Oneof the purposes of social research is to explicate the relationshipamong essentials of social life-the way in which the condition ofindividual even is influenced by the larger social factors.Sociological research uses methodologies, assumptions, techniques,procedures and concerns that underlie social aspects (,2003). Sociological research looks at different institutions,religious systems, the economy, politics and kinship for thefoundations of causality. They also rely on various conceptualassumptions about nature of social action, human choice and usedifferent strategies for what is happening in the globe (Scotch,2002).

Inthe past few decades, there have been incredible advances insociological research on disability, in connection to the evolutionof public policy on disability. One of the reforms that have beeninfluenced by sociological research is the move to help people withdisabilities to seek employment and thus get integrated into thesociety (Scotch,2002).Educational reforms have been made that have prevented the separationof children from their families to attend residential learninginstitutions for children with disabilities. Various sociologicalstudies have established that separating children from their familiesand peers leads to estrangement from friends, family and home town.Inclusive education which is recommended has been recommended bystudies has created more opportunities for the disabled. Standardizedlevel of education means that the disabled do not feel isolated andare in an environment where they can develop peer relationship due tothe constant presence of their peers together with personalassistants (Scotch,2002).

Traditionally,students with physical, sensory, health and behavioral disabilitieswere separated from students without disabilities and placed ininstitutions. But today after the educational reforms only those withsevere disabilities are put in specialized classrooms (Scotch,2002).Even so they are allowed to interact with other students who do nothave disability. Sociological research has confirmed the learningabilities, when given quality instructions and opportunity to learn,individual with disabilities (Scotch,2002).

Sociologicalresearch is not only pegged on standardized surveys but they alsocollect lots of information from a large sample. This means it isreliable and versatile as they are used to all types of people(Rector,2007). Onea sour note the validity can be a problem since surveys which arecommonly employed by many scholars have standardize questions whichmake it difficult to capture all aspects in the underlying population


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