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Softwarefor Human Services

Benefitsof SimplifyEmSoftware

SimplifyEmis convenient and easy to use software that is best used in thefamily business management business because it allows the businessowners to manage their properties and businesses with ease. Thissoftware application allows business owners to conduct accounting,lease tracking, vendor and bank tracking without any hassle becauseof the software exquisite programming codes and computing. In otherwords, SimplifyEmsoftware allows family business owners to attain total control ofaccounting records of all their properties, access and receivemaintenance queries as well as accept and relay electronic paymentsfor all their tenants who reside within their premises (Butler,2006).Furthermore, this software is used to centralize all clients’electronic records and human service resources through by giving themonline account access under the business virtual platform so that thebusiness owners can track their client’s digital footsteps.Moreover, the software allows both the clients and the owners totrack the formers’ monthly, quarterly and annual expenses forreporting purposes.SimplifyEmsoftwarestands out from the other family business oriented software becauseit has a history database application that allows clients to accesstheir personal transactional history which can either be transferredto QuickBooks or Excel (Griswold,2013).

TrackClient Services

SimplifyEmsoftware provides clients with an online presence because they needto open a virtual account so that they are able to use the software.Additionally, it is easy to navigate, use and understand unlike itscompetitors like Quickenor MicrosoftMoney whichrequire training courses and programs due to the complexity of thesoftware’s applications and programming(Butler,2006).Some features of SimplifyEmlikeProactive System Notifications, Move In/Move Out Workflow, LeadSource Tracking, Easy Data Migration, Automatic Data Backup andAutomatic Property Mapping facilitate the tracking of client servicesdespite geographical barriers. Therefore, its due to such applicationfeatures that makes this particular software suitable for familybusiness management endeavors because some of the family membersmight reside is far away locations but still want to track theirclient’s services. In addition, tracking these services has beenmade easy through the provision of SmartSearchfeature which allows business owners understand the clients’ needsand wants without necessarily conversing with them. The softwareallows the owner to screen residents, monitor insurance, developinvoices and collect online rent payments. The support team atSimplifyEm provides round the clock information and services forclients who want to file a complaint, concern, issue or compliment tothe property owner within the family business management for eitherthe good or bad services given (Butler,2006).

Advantagesof SimplifyEm

Thissoftware has various advantages such as new users do not require anyprior training in order to operate and maneuver their way through theapplications and features offered by the software. It’s easy andsimple to open an online account since it is the platform throughwhich business owners and clients get to interact with the software’ssupport team through emails, Skype or phone calls. In comparison withother software, this particular one allows users to save money sincethere is no training or orientation needed to manage the onlineaccount or to operate the software. It is customized to suit theneeds of the family business owner based on income and expense ratioso that the owner is aware of the inflow and outflow of cash flowwithin his or her business enterprise. Furthermore, once payments aremade online, the receipts are issued instantly as prove and copiessent to both the client and the owner of the family businesspremises. This feature promotes transparency and efficiency sinceclients and business owners do not need to go to the bank and confirmpayments. Customization feature offered by the software allowsSimplifyEmusers to use worksheets designed to meet their recording and bookkeeping needs when managing their properties. Additionally,monitoring cash flow is easy and convenient because the onlineaccounts opened at SimplifyEmvirtualdatabase allows family business owners to monitor cash flow intotheir bank accounts with internet enabled devices while on the move(Butler,2006).


Thesize of the organization determines the software package chosenbecause the developers of SimplifyEmsoftwaredesigned it to cover a specific property portfolio size which suitsthe needs of the family business owners. For instance, there arevarious software packages that cover 1-250 units, 251- 999 units andover 1000 units depending on the needs of the user. The varioussoftware packages are designed to manage and control its designatedproperty threshold based on geographical locations and populationfigures of the people occupying the properties. Since all businessoperations have a digital recognition in the software, theorganizational capacity influences the business owner on the type ofsoftware package to install in his or her computing system.

PossibleChallenges and Solutions

Onvarious occasions, users have complained of logging in issues whenusing multiple computers but this can be resolved quickly by sendingthe Technical Support Team an email citing the complains. The teamwhich works around the clock will respond to all queries in the nickof time providing the easiest solution for users to access theironline accounts. The other complaint users have had is the delayedfinancial transaction from the client’s to the business owner’sbank account due to the AHC processing. However, the financialtransaction can be quickened by subscribing to E-banks such as Skrillwhichprovide convenient and easy money transfer services in less than 24hours.


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