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InternalAnalysis and Recommendation

Asa result of bumpy economy, Spirit of Youth Yoga has encounterednumerous financial challenges crippling its operations andundertakings because it heavily relies on government grants, publicsupport and other well-wishers who want to support them in any waypossible. This paper will conduct an internal environment analysis ofSpirit of Youth Yoga as well as recommendations.

Thefoundation of Spirit of Youth Yoga was based on socio-culturalfactors that are the essence through which people participate in Yogaclasses and sessions. These factors form the concept through whichthe Yoga program is conducted and practiced by the young peopleenrolled at the Yoga center. Yoga is a cultural practice that is richin history and spirituality which rejuvenates the participants’mental, spiritual and emotional health. This non-profit organizationserves as a refuge center for juvenile delinquents and othermischievous young people seeking for second chances in life. In otherwords, those who want to reform and change their behaviors get thechance to be who they want to be through learning Yoga skills andpractices because it shapes their mental and emotional framework.Since Spirit of Youth Yoga is a non-profit organization, it heavilydepends on government grants and financial assistance from otheravenues in order for them to continue offering their services andfacilities to the people in San Francisco Bay area (Perry,2002).Despite the fact that Spirit of Youth Yoga offers yoga services tothe public at a cost, these costs are used to pay for operational andother miscellaneous expenses. A financial analysis of the yoga centershows that it needs to attract more people into their yoga lessons sothat corporations and other humanitarian organizations have aplatform through which to use when offering monetary aid to Spirit ofYouth Yoga.

Dueto the financial turmoil facing Spirit of Youth Yoga, I wouldrecommend that the non-profit organization enforce policies andstrict regulations within its operations to ensure that all thosewithin the center to nurture their yoga talents in order to offer thesame service to the public at an affordable fee. This strategy willallow the center gain an extra income from their participants toensure that their doors remain opened even in times of economicrecession. The second recommendation would be to capitalize on thetechnological factor. This factor would allow the yoga center toreach out to millions of destitute children and teenagers who requirenurturing and proper upbringing. In addition, social media marketingwould serve to attract corporate funding from companies andorganizations throughout the entire region of San FranciscoBay(Perry,2002).The best approach in attracting massive corporate attention would beto host a talent search event that would attract huge numbers ofpeople. Use the event as a tactic of wooing companies that offerconsumer-oriented products and services to sponsor the event and theyoga center by enforcing brand marketing techniques that would seeboth the firm and Spirit of Youth Yoga merge to woo the attendees.

Ingeneral, the internal analysis of Spirit of Youth Yoga is solely onfinancial predicaments but once these two recommendations areenforced effectively, the center will be able to withstand economicrecessions at any given time.


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