Spirit of Youth Yoga

Spiritof Youth Yoga

The is a movement that gives the youth a chance toexperience their youthful condition in the most conduciveenvironment. Most of the times, the youth may feel incomplete due tothe various challenges they face. The movement interrupts suchmoments and taps the youth’s potential and facilitates a healingprocess to make them whole again. The movement is all about movingthrough the world in wholeness (, 2015).

Thefive forces as described by Porter have significant effects on themovement in San Francisco Bay area. There is a threat posed by newentrants in the industry who provide the youth with similar services.These include Yoga Bear, Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic, andYoga Bridge. They have been established to offer similar serviceslike the ones given by the Youth Spirit Yoga. Secondly, thebargaining power of the movement has a significant effect on themarket. Since it has been in existence for quite some time, theyouths have a high level of preference for the services they offer.However, the other entrants also gain loyal clients and createcompetition in the market (, 2015).

Thebargaining power of buyers is also another important factor. With theincreases of the service providers, the clients’ bargaining powercontinues to shoot up. They have different centers to choose from,and they would prefer the ones with the most favorable prices. It isalso easy for them to choose between the substitutes from otherservice providers. Due to the presence of competitors and theentrants, people with an interest in seeing the wholeness of theirlife can visit any of the centers since they over fail similarservices.

Finally,there is a significant level of competition rivalry. The majorcompetitors include YOGA for Youth, Youth Yoga Dharma and Rise Yogafor Youth that operate in the area. competes forclients with these centers. The movement has retained and win newcustomers to remain significant in the market.


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