Spirit of Youth Yoga

Spiritof Youth Yoga

Spiritof Youth Yoga

Spiritof Youth Yoga is a non-profit making organization whose primaryobjective is to assist under-privileged youths in San Francisco. Thisobjective is pursued by teaching youths on how they can improvethemselves, which is in turn accomplished by helping them transformtheir internal strengths into the strengths of their community (EventBrite, 2015). This paper will focus on the capabilities, corecompetencies, strengths, and weaknesses of the .

Organizationalcapabilities and core competencies

Organizationalcapability refers to the ability of the organization to manage theavailable resources (such as employees and finances) in order toenhance competitiveness over other players in the industry (Kelchner,2014). In the case of the , the organizationdepends on limited financial resources that are donated by thegovernment and other well-wishers. The organization also utilizesemployees (such as counselors) some whom are not paid. In spite ofthe limited resources, the management has been able to increase itscompetitiveness through cost differentiation and cost leadership.This has allowed the organization to survive amidst a myriad ofchallenges. This is because differentiated costs and services allowclients to have a unique experience that they cannot get fromcompetitors.


Humanresource is one of the key types of capital that no organization,both large and small, can operate without. The has professional counselors who help it in delivering the yogaservices in a professional way. In addition, the gets some financial resources that are contributed by the governmentand other donors. These resources have helped the organization inoffering the yoga services at a lower price than the competitors.


Thestrategic location of an organization has the capacity to determineits success or failure. The is situated in SanFrancisco, a community that is known for its willingness supportsocio-cultural programs (Event Brite, 2015). This is an advantage tothe since it will be readily accepted andsupported by the community. In addition, technology is one of the keyresources that has helped the market itselfalmost free of charge and reach millions of youths faster than itcould have done without the help of the technology. Moderntechnology, especially the social media is the most appropriate toolthat can help organizations that target the youths.


Althoughthe gets some financial aid from the governmentand other donors, these resources are insufficient to help theorganization meet its goals. In addition, relying on donations is aweakness because donations are sensitive economic changes, whichmeans that the organization will not be able to get enough fundsduring the economic crisis. Moreover, the has asmall client base, which means that its capacity to attract donors isalso limited since financiers are interested in helping organizationsthat are able to reach many people. The small size of theorganization coupled with the threat of new entrants reduces thelevel of safety of the going concern of the Spirit of youth Yogasince its capacity to withstand stiff competition in the future isquite limited.

Inconclusion, the has managed to retain itscompetitiveness through cost leadership, the use of technology toincrease its accessibility, and utilize the limited resources(including finances and human resources) to deliver its services.However, its small size, entry of new competitors, and over-relianceon donations limits its capacity to remain competitive in the futureif necessary measures are not taken.


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