Strategies to Attract and Maintain Teenagers in a Cinema Business Number

Strategiesto Attract and Maintain Teenagers in a Cinema Business


Strategiesto Attract and Maintain Teenagers in a Cinema Business

Atthe age of fifteen, teenagers like I have a host of different ways ofspending our leisure time. One of the most sought ways of spendingfree time is visiting the local cinema joint for a cinema especiallyover the weekend. This is a common trend among my age mates comparedto the rate at which adult’s visits the movie hall in our town.With the teenagers making the bigger potion of the cinema hall users,it’s therefore an initiative for the cinema hall managers attractmore of the teenagers in order to keep their business performing. Theteen audience is usually the largest and the primary determinant of acinema’s success (Cohen,2015).Therefore, a cinema should devise strategies to attract moreteenagers to their films to promote its success. This essaydiscusses teen friendly methods that can be used to increase teenattendance in the local cinema complex. Working as a supervisor inthe local cinema complex, different measures can be implemented bythe management to attract the customers, especially the teenagers.

First,the use of extensive advertising using a teen friendly medium canenhance the number of teenagers. Most teenagers are close to theirphones with social media such as Facebook and Twitter being theirpreoccupation (Cohen,2015).Social media campaigns can, therefore, reach more teenagersincreasing the number in the local cinema complex. The adverts shouldbe well designed and catchy at first glance, ensuring they pass theinformation on the location, movies to watch, and the prizes. Inaddition, the cinema can devise a defined tour around theneighborhood. Such an expedition should include some live eventsponsorships such as dancing competitions with prize giveaways. Thiswould attract huge numbers of teenagers who are potential customersto the cinema. The management could take advantage of this hugenumber to sell the theater promoting attendance.

Advertisingduring movies can be another method to attract more teenagers. Suchadverts could include the film trailers and video out leaks beingshown to sell the next films (Cohen,2015).This would create a desire to watch the advertised movie in the teenspromoting their return with friends next time. In addition, themanagement should empower their customers, the power to sometimeschoose what they would like to watch. For example, the management canuse the social media and let the teenagers chose what they would liketo watch on certain dates/days. This would make the teenagers feel aspart of the business, and in turn keep them coming.

Thefact that teenagers do not earn a lot of money should also be putinto consideration when devising strategies to attract them (Cohen,2015).Provision of free service or at a reduced price would attract moreteenagers in the cinema. The addition of free goodies such as drinks,popcorn and likes would also attract a large number of teenagers. Insummary, the methods used to attract teens should be different thanthose used to attract adults. The best methods to attract teens arethose closest to them. It is also important to put into considerationtheir needs and capabilities before devising a mechanism to attractthem.


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