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Waitingfor Godot

Beckettin his play ‘waitingfor Godot’looks at human life and the ambiguities that surround it. Accordingto this play, human life is full of uncertainties and things happenby chance. The way that human life turns out is unpredictable. Becketuses illustrations from the bible to show that one cannot be sureabout anything: not even that which is written in the book that manyChristians have believed in for long.

Asdepicted in this play, the nature of human beings is that they lookonto some belief to hold on to due to the uncertainties in life. Thetwo characters in this play, Vladimir and Estragon wait endlessly andpointlessly for an unknown Godon. Godon may or may not even exist.When the two are joined by Pozzo and Lucky, even more uncertaintiescome up. The characters are not even sure they exist. They evenquestion their ability to know whether they truly exist.

Thislack of certainty by man is what causes suffering a major theme inthe play. The two major characters Vladimir and Estrago suffer due tothe uncertainties in life and not because they lack happiness.

BrightonBeach Memoirs

Inthis play, we meet two siblings Stanley and Eugene Jerome. Eugene isfifteen years old while Stanley the elder brother is eighteen yearsold. The memoirs are reflections of Eugene as he writes down theoccurrences of the day as well as his frustrations in his diary.Stanley on the other is depicted as the responsible elder brother whostands up for what he believes in.

Eugeneoften looks up to his brother for guidance for his puberty problems.Stanley also sees a confidant in his brother Eugene. Whenever he isfaced with a challenge, he shares it with his brother. For example,when he is fired from his job for standing up for a co-worker, hehires Eugene to write the apology letter. The two siblings have agreat influence on each other.

WheneverStanley plans on doing something, he confides in his brother. Onesuch instance is when Eugene opposes his brother’s decision to jointhe army and even though Stanley seems adamant, he finally comes backhome and says that he could not join the army because he felt thathis family needed him. In turn, Stanley guides Eugene inunderstanding more about puberty and its effects on him.