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Fourways in which Brighton Beach Memoirs is particularly American innature

BrightonBeach Memoirsis a journal collection by Eugene Jerome the main character in theplay. Eugene is fourteen years old and lives with his family atBrooklyn. This play was written towards the end of the greatdepression. To a large extent, the play is American in nature asdiscussed in this essay.

Thefirst pointer that shows that this play is American in nature is theimportance that this play places on the family bond. Jack struggleswith two jobs to take care of his family together with his extendedfamily. The family faces financial challenges, but this does not tearthem apart. Jack’s family took in Blanche after her husband died ofcancer six years ago and even when this becomes a challenge, thefamily bond keeps them together. This is typical of most Americanfamilies where most people make sacrifices in order to make everyfamily member comfortable.

Thesecond thing is that this play focuses on the challenges that everychild faces during puberty. Eugene has struggles with puberty andlike and other American children of his age, he looks for an olderperson and in this case his brother Stanley, to explain his puzzlesto him.

Thirdly,we can see the social aspect of every family. Jack in his capacity asthe father of the house, is often consulted by the family members onmatters that they feel they need to make the right decisions. Eugeneand Stanley also often consult each other on different mattersaffecting them.

Lastly,like in everyday life of Americans, people are faced with harddecisions. There are times when people are faced with the challengedwhether to stand for their principles or whether to let go. This isespecially the case when one’s job, like Stanley’s is at stake.In as much as he wanted to stand for his principles, his familydesperately needed the money.

Fiveserious concerns faced by the Jerome family in Brighton beach memoirs

TheJerome family is faced with serious concerns some that are typical toany other American family and some that are unique to it. Five ofthese concerns are addressed in this essay.

Firstly,the play is set at a time when the country is faced with economicchallenges. It is during the great depression and the family has tostruggle to make ends meet. To cater for the family’s need, jack isforced to do two jobs and Stanley is forced to work in a factory, ajob that he dislikes.

Thesecond concern faced by the Jerome family is reconciling a largefamily. Blanche moved in with the family six years ago after herhusband died and they have had to stay together as a family. Often,conflicts arise between the characters living in this home, but theyare eventually solved. For example, when Blanche and Kate get into aconflict, Kate accuses Blanche of being indecisive. Due to theconflict, Blanche says that she is moving out, but the conflict iseventually resolved and Kate urges Blanche not to leave until shegets a job.

Thethird concern faced by the Jerome family is the extent to whichfamily members influence the direction to which one’s life takes.In the play, we see Nora, who wants to take up a dancing role and hasto consult her mother, who in turn, consults jack. Nora ends up beingfurious when both her mother and jack think that it will interrupther studies. Stanley also does away with his interest in the armyjob, because he feels that it will affect his family.

Thefourth concern is the conflict between patriotism and love for thefamily. Outside the home, the characters have an independent life.However, we can see that the decisions that they make are oftendirected by their concern for the family. Stanley gets to a point andhe wants to join the army, but abandons this call because his familyneeds him.

Thefifth concern faced by this family is transitioning into adulthood.Even though the playwright has only shown the transition of Eugene,this transition affects other family members. Stanley, who is theresponsible elder brother, has to explain to Eugene what is happeningto him and has to play an active role in this transition in manhood.

Theroles of Kate Jerome and Rose Maxson in their respective homes

KateJerome is the wife of Jack Jerome and the mother to Stanley andEugene Jerome. Her family has had to take in her sister Blanche andher two daughters since her husband’s death. Rose Maxson is thewife to Troy Maxson in the play fences. She is seen in the center ofthis play and the life of her family affects her too. Both Kate andRose play great roles as discussed in this essay.

InBrightonbeach memoirs,Kate is seen as that aspect of the family that holds it together. Shedoes this so effectively even though this at times makes her toappear as very harsh. Her love for her family is fierce and sheprotects the whole family.

Inthe beginning of the play when Eugene hits the house with a baseballand his aunt gets a headache, Kate has to warn her son against thisand immediately sends him inside. She also makes Eugene to set thetable for dinner because his cousin is unwell. Even though Eugenedoes not like it, he dares not go against what his mother says.

RoseMaxson in fencesis a good wife to Troy Maxson. She represents the housewife in the1950s as she does her home chores of cleaning and cooking. She isalso always at home. Rose in this play stands by her husband’s sidein most instances. For example, even though Troy kept hisrelationship with Alberta a secret, she does not hesitate to take inthe child from that affair when she learns about it during Alberta’sdeath.

RoseMaxson maintains sanity in the home. She is always careful not to lether husband walk over her. If she dislikes something, she tells itstraight on the face of Troy. In her role as a parent, she is a fairjudge. She sees the good when all others seem hopeless. She is theflower in the house that brightens up the mood when it is allfolly.The relationship between troy andGabriel in fences

Inthe play, fences, troy and Gabriel are brothers. Gabriel is the onlysibling that Troy is in touch with. The relationship between the twosiblings is not all rosy as discussed in this essay.

Gabrielgot wounded during the Second World War. As a result, he has a metalplate in his head. Due to this injury, Gabriel is entitled to adisability cheque. The proceeds from this money have enabled the Troyto buy the house in which his family lives.

Beforethe play begins, Gabriel moves out of the Maxson’s home and goes tolive with a lady named Ms. Pearl. This means that Troy no longerreceives the disability cheque and according to Gabriel, his brotheris mad at him. Troy, however, denies this.

Laterin the play, we see that Troy has committed, Gabriel to a mentalhospital and he is again able to receive half of Gabriel’s cheque. This clearly shows that Troy was only interested in the money that hewas able to get as a result of his brother’s condition. Gabriel isnot happy but seems defenseless. As a result, he warns his brother inhis riddles about hellhounds.