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SocialClass Divide

Asa form of social stratification the social class divide stratifiesthe society into separate divisions based on the ability of themembers to acquire power and resources.Socialclass divide cuts across the various aspects of the society byforming the main basis of separating people according to the classthey belong.Toput the social class divide into the perspective of the modern world,this discussion will explore the way the problem is portrayed indystopian literature. The dystopian book TheHunger Gameswill provide the insight of the problem as it gives a strongdystopian view of the world in a dystopian fictional setting.Thediscussion on the topic and the text will explore the ways in whichsocial class divide is exhibited in the society, the consequences andthe possible solutions. TheExistence of SocialClass DivideTheexistence of thesocial class divide is exhibited ina tri-class social stratification with the high class being the richand the poor people forming the lower class.The middle-class is in the center of the stratification, which isexhibited by the higher class having a rich life while the lowerclass faces the challenges of poverty (Brown,2009). In the current world, thesocial class divide stratifies the society into two major extremesthe rich and the poor.Therich earn high incomes, go to better hospitals, access the besteducation and are served with good infrastructure. On the other hand,the poor live in poverty and do not afford basic social amenities.This is the same scenario is observed in the divide between thecapitol and the districts in the book TheHunger Games.Forexample, the children of the rich in the Capitol go to the bestschools, while the poor in the Districts barely afford schooling(Collins, 2009).Thesocial class divide is further exists in the way the modern societyuses and adopts technology.Whilethe higher classes of the haves use the state of the art technologyto communicate and enhance life, the lower class barely accesstechnology. For instance, the rich use computers, internet, mobiledevices and television to access information, while the poor peoplecannot afford to access even radios to keep up to date with currentaffairs. In TheHunger Games,the rich people in the Capitol use high level technology to leadtheir lives, and the rulers rule the land. For instance, they usesolar batteries, magnetic levitation and holograms.This is the opposite in the districts.Mostpeople in the districts cannot afford or access, televisions to watchthe nationally televised survival competition of the Hunger Gamesthat Katniss is participating.Asa result of the economic advantage, the haves can afford to live inbetter cities, access good social amenities, better education andhealth care and still control the distribution of these facilities.Onthe other hand, the have-nots can barely afford a decent life, andface malnutrition, low or no education and poor health care. Forinstance, most people in the developed countries like the UnitedStates have better hospitals and schools, while the poorest people indeveloping countries die for lack of food, health care and education.TheHunger Games,for instance, the rich in the capitol access the best health care,while the have-nots in the districts use herbal formulas to treatthemselves because they cannot afford (Collins, 2009).This paints a picture of how the social class divide is exhibited inthe current society. The AnalysisAsignificant consequence of the social class divide is the creation ofinequalities in the society that take political, social and economicangles.Accordingto Botero (2005), social class divide is the basis of all forms ofinequalities in the society and in the world today.Botero (2005) further explains that social class divide isresponsible for making the modern life an unfair environment for thedisadvantaged social classes. In the book TheHunger Games,the life of the people living in the districts is disadvantaged bybeing on the lower end of the social stratification.This is in contrast to the people living in the Capitol leading anaffluent life full of social amenities like health facilities totreat their people (Collins, 2009). In the SuperSad True Love Story,the social class divide is seen in the gap between Leonard andEunice. Leonard does not have access to technology and materials dueto his lower social class, while Eunice is from the high social classas she can afford high-end communication technology like computercommunication (Shteyngart, 2010).Socialclass divide also leads to political disadvantage to the lower classdue to the inequalities that are created in the representation to thepolitical systems。Theresult is the creation of one extreme end of the rulers and the otherextreme end of the ruled。Therulers use their economic advantages and access to the social,economic and technological services to control the ruled。Inthe book TheHunger Games,the rulers exert their control ruthlessly in order to keep the gapbetween them and the ruled subjects as stratified as possible。Therefore,they apply all the means necessary, such as the use of technology andmilitary might to ensure that the ruled stay at the lower end of thesocial stratification (Collins, 2009). This makes it easy for thehaves to rule and control the have-nots. This is the case in TheHunger Games,where the rulers in the capitol keep the peoplein the districtspoor, so that they can rule them easily.Anothermajor consequence of the social class divide is the economic problemof poverty faced by the lower social class in the society`sinequalities in wealth and income distribution.Becauseof the social class divide, the rich use the economy to enrichthemselves and laud the poor people in deeper poverty. In TheHunger Games, forinstance,the rich rulers in the country use the Hunger Games competition toentertain the rich people in the Capitol, while threatening thepeople in the Districts that the rich are in control. The limitationsof the have-nots in the society are feeling because of the economicadvantages that the higher social class population takes to controlthe economic aspects of a country (Botero, 2005). Solutions to Social ClassDivideTosolve the social class divide and reduce the consequences there arefive main solutions to suggest. One of the solutions is forgovernments to base their economic resources of production in all theparts of the country (Brown, 2009). This will promote equal growth ofthe economy, and provision of income generating opportunities to allthe populations of a country. This will solve the problem of havingthe income of a country being controlled by the rich.Onthe other hand, the lower class level of the have-nots, who are themajority, will be given opportunities to close the income gap betweenthe higher class and lower class.As a result, the social, economic and political inequalities of thesocial class divide will be solved.Secondly,employment opportunities should be distributed around the economy, ora country to reduce the social class divide. This will try to solvethe problem of low income for the poor people in the lower classlevel. Implementing economic policies of distributing income throughemployment will reduce the income gap between the rich and the poorby providing opportunities for affording a better life for the lowersocial class (Botero, 2005). For instance, distributing employmentopportunities to lower income societies will reduce the social classdivide by helping the have-nots upgrade their lives. They willimprove their lives by buying better food, taking children to school,accessing health care and better housing. To do this, the governmentshould establish employment policies that seek to correct the unequalemployment formalities in favor of the lower class.Thirdly,implementingthe recommendations and solutions by the Internationalorganizations and political forums willhelp reduce the social divide gap. Among the internationalorganizations arethe United Nations Organization and its agency organizations thatoperate all over the world.A good example of a policy to reduce the social class divide is theMillennium Development Goals that sought to ensure all countriesachieve at least a fair distribution of resources through the equalprovision of education, health care and poverty eradication (Botero,2005). This solution works because it involves takingpolitical changes likelaws inmodern countries and the world.Thefourth solution ofreducingthesocial class divideisusingeducation toempower the people in the lower social classes in thecommunity.Empoweringthe society through education would work by increasing the level ofincome that the people in the lower social class。Topromote equality, education should be equally provided to all peoplein the society.According to Brown (2009), education allows people in the society toaccess job opportunities. Theaccess to education for the lower class people will qualify them toaccess jobs that pay them well. Therefore,equal education in the society for both the high class and the lowerclass, will promote equalization of income from the jobs.Thefifthway of solving the social divides in the society is to promoteequal distribution of thesocial and economic resources in the country。Thesharing of social amenities like hospitals, educational institutionsand public institutions will open doors for the lower social levelpopulation to achieve the same status with that of the higher socialclasses (Botero, 2005)。Moreover,a solution to the social class divisions will also take a socialangle of integrating people from different backgrounds into sharingsocial and economic resources。Itshould be noted that social class divide is exhibited by the way thenegative impacts of social stratification affect the social cohesionintegration in the society。Therefore,promoting equaldistribution ofcommon resources willreduce the social class gap by availing income opportunities andsocial facilities to the lower social classes. ConclusionThesocial classdivide exists through social stratification that is exhibited by thedivision of the society into a high social class and low socialclass。Onthe higher end, the rich people control economic resources and forthe population of the haves while the poor form the have-notspopulation。Thepractical aspects of the social class divide are pictured in thedystopian book TheHunger Games,which paints a reflection of the modern world of haves ruling thehave-nots。Theconsequences of the social class divide are economic disparitiesbetween the two extreme ends, political domination by the rich andthe social limitations of the lower level social class。However,the adoption of the appropriate social measures, economic policiesand political interventions will reduce social class divide。 References

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