WhatMakes a Leader? An Interview with Harvey Hall

Thisreading involves an interview in which Harvey Hall is interviewed inorder to determine what makes a good leader. Harvey suggests that hisgoal for the organization in 2000 was to increase profits and provideperfect services. He wants to become the Mayor of Bakersfield tosupport the local cities and county third after his business andfamily. Harvey says he developed people skills from emergencyManagement Service which helped him to retain up to 40% of hisemployees for more than 5 years. He says, “To be able to use mypeople skills is one of the highest qualifications that I have”(EMS Best Practices, p.16). About his personality, he says he isserious at work, principled, and treats others fairly. What motivateshim is the independent existence of his company and the ability toretain employees and continue improving their lives. Harvey usesdaily reporting mechanism as a management tool. On his nightstand isan alarm clock, showing that he is good in time management. Lastly,Harvey believes that what makes a good leader is great sensitivityand personal vision. The lesson learnt is that a good leader sets agoal, has good people-skills, focuses on the well being of others andsets a good vision.

WhatMakes a Leader: Spotlight on Jon Politis

JonPolitis has a goal of providing the best job through hisorganization. He faces communication challenge in achieving thisgoal. He learned diplomacy and how to react appropriately inconflicts from his mentor and former boss Rich Fickbohm. His longterm goal is to run EMS systems for a long time by nurturing people.He says, “I’m a lifer at this, and I want to be an excellentlifer” (EMS Best Practices, p.32). Politis is motivated to be alifer by the pride of good work. On his nightstand is a magazinerack, which means he is a reader. He concludes that what makes agreat leader is communication and vision. The lesson learned here isthat a good leader should have a goal nurture others learn tonegotiate diplomatically enjoy doing good work read a lotcommunicate well and have a good vision.


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