System Thinking Process

SystemThinking Process



Theessay paper is about a video that illustrates the simple design ofsystem thinking. The video uses an example of the process of making atoast, which is a simple design exercise that tries to help peopleunderstand how to tackle complex problems from an analyticalperspective knowledge gained from simple things. From the generalperspective, the process seems simple but if one analytically analysethe deeper meaning of the simple exercise we find out the truth ofhow we demonstrate and make logic of things. The video elaborates thesystem thinking process with an example of how to make a toast thatis divide into three steps. The first step is a simple drawing of theprocess of toast making by various individuals. In the first step,there is no use of words to explaining the drawings but only the useof nodes and arrows. The nodes in the drawings symbolize people andother tangible objects like the toaster. While on the other sidearrows, represent the links between two nodes. Then the amalgamationof the nodes and the links results to the system model. Differentpeople drew the process differently with other people’s drawingseasy to understand while others difficult to understand because theylacked something. However, the common feature in all the drawings wasthe presence of nodes and links. The second step was to make thetoast with sticky notes or the cards. In the step, people wouldeasily build the model by arranging the cards properly. Then to crownthe step is the analyzing part, which is the vital way of getting tounderstand the essence of the design. Finally, the third stepillustrates the process of making a toast in a group. We learn thatthe three steps of toast making help to elaborate the way ofunderstanding and dealing with complex things like organizationalvision, long-term sustainability, and customer experience.


Thenew insights learned from the video are that we could apply thesimple knowledge of doing routine things or hobbies to solve complexthings. From the video, we learn how combination of ideas can resultto success since different people comes with different ideas and thecombination of ideas leads to solving of ideas with easy. Drawing theprocess of making a toast implies the essence of writing down theideas. Many a time people have great ideas but if they do not writethem down, they forget about them. Hence drawing the processnecessitates the understanding of the system models that entails thenodes and relationship. The use of movable cards results to a bettersystem, which from my perspective is a flexible system. For instance,a complex thing like an organizational vision should be flexible. Itis not right to set unattainable organization vision because that isas well as not setting that vision in the first place. The use ofgroup notes is the idea of welcoming several ideas from differentpeople on how to solve a complex problem. For instance, inorganization if managers allow the employees to give their ideas onhow to tackle things, the managers will be surprised because theywill find out that there are employees who are innovative with smartidea. The reason behind the fact is that these employees are the oneson the ground and after doing something, repeatedly one developsother ways of doing the same thing faster and perfect. By welcomingtheir ideas is like motivating them because they feel they areimportant assets to the organization. The interpretation is that,sometimes-simple things that we do daily can be moral example of howwe are supposed to deal with complex things. Running an organizationseems complex to many people because it is more complex. However,something like making a toast is something simple that many peoplecan do across all field and nations. If people apply the simpleknowledge of doing these simple things in tackling complex thingsthen they can easily achieve their ambitions. I like the three stepin which the first starts with drawing as individual without anyhelp. The next step is with the help of cards that makes the drawinga bit simpler and understandable. Finally, the third step, which is agroup, notes that is the best among others as it incorporate thesharing of ideas. As the video, it is true that group models are thebest and it becomes better when the members of the group worktogether under right situations.


Previoussystem thinking elaborated the way in which the human brain works.For instance, the human brain works best when not interrupted on theprocess of doing something. The video supports the previous conceptsas in indicating that people drew the process much faster and betterwhen silent than when talking to the neighbors. In addition, thevideo supports the previous concept of the idea of two is better thanone. From the video we clearly find out that the group notes isbetter than individual notes. It becomes better when the groupmembers work under favorable situations. The worth of the videoinformation is the ability of the simple design information thatnecessitates the understanding of how to deal with complex thingsfrom simple things that we like doing. The value of the informationis broad and to mention some it helps improve the performance oforganizations, improves the relationship of the organization and itscustomers if we view the value from the organizational view. Afterapply the knowledge of simple design exercise one can use theinformation to improve their business, which in return will createjobs hence contributing to gross domestic production of a nation. Insimple terms if we can apply the simple information that we normallydo in dealing with complex and meaningful things then we can easilydevelop ourselves. Readiness to share and borrow ideas is alsoessential in dealing with complex things. I agree with the evidencefrom the video from a personal experience. As a business student,sometimes I find it difficult to analyze and understand someaccounting problems by myself. However, when we discuss thoseaccounting problems as a group i find it easy as we get to share theunderstanding in tackling those accounting problems.


Igained the insight of applying simple concept to deal with complexthings. We should not take for granted the simple things that we doinstead we should try to get the deeper meaning of our daily routinechores like simple process of making a toast. We should be able toapply the knowledge of simple things we do in handling complexthings. For instance, in the workplace, it is important to value therelationship of different objects in an organization. An organizationcomprise of different objects like the employees, managers,customers, stakeholders, capitals among others that must interact.The right relationship in the interaction process, which is a groupmodel system, sets a basis for the better performance of thatorganization. In communication with others, learn how to share ideasand communicate well with others either in workplace or in the dailyinteraction. In addition, we learn that we can use drawings tocommunicate with others if we use the nodes and links properly.


Inwhatever we do as a daily routine sometimes it is important toanalyze the process and procedure and apply the skills in dealingwith complex problems that we think we cannot handle. In addition, noman is an island hence we should be able to share and welcome ideas,as it is better than doing things individually.


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