Technological Guidelines for Business expansion

TechnologicalGuidelines for Business expansion



Takinga technological approach in a business to expand its operations is abrilliant idea considering that the globe is experiencing majortechnological changes. However, it is advisable to conduct a surveyand establish how the proposed online and mobile computing willaffect the business in question before funding the project (Heinemann&amp Schwarzl, 2010).Advertisement and customer awareness policy should be on top of thebusiness’ priority list to enable faster and efficient integrationof the new system with the normal business operations. The businesswill require a functional database with a comprehensive clientaccessible front end and mobile application to facilitate electronictransactions. Implementation of the system is quite cheap andaffordable. Security automatically becomes an issue once a businesstakes the online path (Yan,2014).Injections into the database and hacking of the system may be aproblem and the business has to consider investing heavily in puttingup firewalls and using data encryption to ensure that consumerinformation, as well as online transactions, remain safe and secure.

2.0Purpose of the document

Onlineand mobile computing is very effective and efficient. The businesshas to realize that the expansion would demand a complete overwholeof their operations and expansion of their staff. Online and mobilecomputing implies that customers will be transacting at the comfortof their residence. It is the duty of the business to ensure productor service delivery to the clients. Operations get escalated, and themarket served may expand because many people like having things donefor them. The geographical scope within which the business operatesmust be defined to enable smooth operations and efficient servicedelivery. Not all products can be effectively sold and deliveredusing the online system. The business must factor in every smalldetail concerning their products and services. Target group orconsumers is a key issue in expanding the business to a technologicalplatform. The target group must be skillful enough and have theability to use technology to provide returns for the investedcapital.


3.1User Requirements

Usersrequire mobile or personal computers with functional mobile browsersor the business’ application and an internet connection to accessall the services of the business.

3.2System Requirements

Aneffective upgrade would require the availability of equipment andpersonnel to implement the new technology. The business must have agood internet connection and computers that will effectively serveall their online clients. Financial transactions will be involved,and the customer’s credit card details will be in the company’ssystem. Yan(2014)outlines that an airtight security system for the mobile platform andthe business’ database must be established to protect both partiesfrom stray intrusion. The company must consider the seven domains oftypical IT structure which include the user domain, workstationdomain, LAN domain, LAN-to-WAN domain, remote access domain andsystem/ application domain must be considered. Security not onlyprotects the customers and the business, but it also improves thecustomers’ trust in the business and the system (Telli,2010).

3.3Interface Requirements

Interfacerequirements are mainly mobile application, either android, iOS orWindows application, for mobile devices which include mobile phones,tablets, iPad and the Microsoft surface. For PC users, browsers suchas opera mini, Firefox, safaris, Google chrome would be all the usersneed to access the system’s database. The details on the customer’send are few and majorly involve available products, advertisements,and the company’s history. Mobile device users can use browsers aswell but developing an app will be an advantage to the businessbecause it makes the transaction much easier.


Expandinga business to incorporate the use of technology is one of the bestinvestments in today’s markets. The challenges that come with suchchanges include increased labor cost. The challenge is based on theassumption that the workers are not well conversant with the systemwhich is a likely scenario given that it is a new development. Thebusiness will have to train its employees or hire new technologicallycapable ones who are still expensive. Securing the system is everyonline business’ nightmare. Coping up with deliveries in case thebusiness deals in goods will pose a challenge because the strategywas not part of the business’ operation. A survey would, however,keep all these factors in check.


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