Technology and Communication Paper


Technologyand Communication Paper

Althoughnew technologies have been perceived to have numerous positiveimpacts towards communication, they have also been associated withnegative impacts on communication. One of the negative impacts of newtechnologies is that they lead to human distraction (Grant&amp Meadows, 2008). Many people have died as a result of beingdestructed by an incoming message on their cell phones that they payattention to read rather than pay attention to driving. Apart fromdrivers being destructed, other workers have been destructed by thefrequent desire of checking incoming emails, which affect theirdelivery in the workplace.

Anothernegative impact is that new technologies have led to lack ofconfidentiality in communication. Communication through the newtechnologies lacks privacy since it is possible for third parties tohear or read messages meant to another person. For example, as aresult of cyber crimes, it is possible for individuals to interruptcommunication between two people in order to be directed to a thirdparty (Grant&amp Meadows, 2008). Similarly, cell phone communications have alsobeen intercepted in order to make it possible for an unintended partyto overhear the communication.

Besides,the use of new technologies has led to the elimination of face toface communication. The use of the social media platforms haveeliminated the need of face to face communication, which has resultedto dehumanization. It is now possible for people to say things thatthey cannot say when communicating face to face. For example, theelimination of face o face communication has made people to usehostile language to others without concern due to lack of human face.In addition, new technologies have led to social isolation. Throughspending many hours online communicating on the social media, peoplehave replaced face to face interactions with social interactions.This has led to social isolation since one may seem to have a lot ofsocial friends online, but this may only be a small number in realsense (Grant&amp Meadows, 2008).



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