Technology Connects People

TechnologyConnects People

Technologyis an important aspect of the modern day life and is a tool that isapplied by different people and at different social, economic andpolitical levels. While technology has increased the economic andpolitical aspects of life, the impact on the social life is perhapsthe most significant and debated in relation to the setup of thesociety. While there those who argue that technology has helpedpeople to connect, others consider technology as the impediment thatisolates people from each other and contributes to the disconnectionamong the previously cohesive society. In my opinion, technology hashelped people to connect to one another. The discussion in this paperwill illustrate that technology helps people connect to one anotherand does not necessarily make us feel isolated.

Technologyhelps people connect to each other by offering platforms of sharingideas and passing information from one person to another. Thecommunication process that involves people to send and receivemessages have been simplified and enhanced by technology. One of themain advancements in technology in the line of communication is thedevelopment of the internet. The internet has opened people tocommunicate virtually between a person and another, anywhere in theworld. As a result, even anonymous people are able to connect witheach other. The communication among the anonymous people in theonline platforms has eventually led to threatening of people throughcommunication, all because of communication (Docterman 1). In mypersonal life, I am able to communicate with the people in my life ina manner that is better through technology than without technology.Developmentof technology has connected people more than before by offeringplatforms that allow sharing of ideas and discussions. The use of theinternet for example, has become the main technological platformwhere information, ideas and opinions are shared among differentpeople. In ReadyPlayer One,the development of OASIS relates to the current development of theinternet (Cline 2). The OASIS forms the basis of people living thevirtual life of utopia where everything is connected and people areinterconnected. It is a valuable place for all human beings wherepeople are experiencing truly virtual reality (Atkins 1). In asimilar way, the internet has provided connectivity between peoplewho are distance apart.Inaddition, technology through the internet provides a connectionbetween people rather than isolating them. Technology, especially theinternet helps people to be more connected through the provision ofvirtual connection. Despite the geographical dispersion of the peoplein the world, technology has made distance an insignificant factor ofthe social interactions. This is through the enabling of a virtualworld where all people can connect and form a valued asset tohumanity (Atkins 1). Similar to the OASIS, the internet now providesthe connection that gives the users a significant control of theinformation they access and the ideas they share.Technologyhelps people to connect to each other more than the previous timesbefore by providing advanced technological channels forcommunicating. One of the ways that technology helps people toconnect to each other is by offering channels of conveyinginformation from one person to another. These channels are providedby the companies that support communication through technology. Inthe book ReadyPlayer One,Wade works in a tech support, a job that allows people to promotecommunication among them (Cline 26). In the modern world, the leadingcompanies are the ones that provide communication services and leadto the development of devices that people rely on to communicate.Theargument that technology isolates us is not a valid argument becauseit looks at the negative uses of technology. The argument rides onthe fact that people rely too much on technology that they connectthrough technology and isolate themselves physically. This is notvalid because it is the negative use of technology, among otherantisocial uses. For instance, people use the internet to threatenothers and disconnect social interactions such as the threatsdirected to Anita Sarkeesian (Docterman 1). The negative use oftechnology to keep people apart and reduce social interaction cannotbe interpreted as the effect of technology. This is because otherthings that are not necessarily technology can be used to keep peopleapart. Just like any other tool of development, technology can beused for the better or for worse this does not make it an agent ofisolation. ConclusionTechnologyhas helped people to be connected to one another. The developments intechnology have promoted communication, a key element of connectionand social interaction. At the same time, technology has promotedconnection of people through virtual connections despite thegeographical limitations of location. Just like in ReadyPlayer One,where the OASIS is the basis of technology, the internet is at thecenter of connecting people in the modern world. The development oftechnology has also influenced the way people relate with each other,especially social interactions. The argument that technology isolatespeople is not valid because the assertion reflects the negative useof technology by people. Instead, technology has promotedcommunication that gives people the chance to connect to each otheron the day to day life. WorksCitedArtkins,David. ReadyPlayer One: Virtual Reality May Need to Join the Internet As aUtility Someday.Web, Accessed, July 30, 2015,&lt,Ernest. ReadyPlayer One.New York: Random House, 2015, PrintDocterman,Eliana.WhatIs #GamerGate and Why Are Women Being Threatened About Video Games?Web,Accessed, July 30, 2015, &lt