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Theterm technology has become one of the commonly used terms in themodern society. However, different meaning is attached to the termtechnology in regard to what an individual wants to refer to applythe term. The definition and its content depend with the area ofapplication, hence the different approach in the definition of theterm. Since 1829, the first time the term ‘’ wasused to discuss the application of science into useful arts the termhas become a common term in people’s lives in the modern times. has changed the human. In a nutshell, technology can bereferred as the product of applied creativity and knowledge of man,towards improving his daily lifestyle. From education, machinery,communication, transport, and all sectors that impact human have inone way or another been affected by technology development orinnovations. Different approaches have been used to define the termtechnology, in order to make the best meaning of technology. Thispaper will focus on the definition of technology, with the key focusbeing on the first definition of the term technology. “It is theway that human beings and scientific principles come together tosolve social problems”.

innovation and development have become have become the backbone ofthe numerous development of the modern community. However, withdifferent definition being used to define the term technology, peoplediffer with which the best approach to make the technology is betterunderstood among people. On one side, technology is referred as howscientist transforms a society, which means the scientists are theinitiator of the entire process while the society reacts to theirinventions. On the hand, technology is defined as the way society andthe scientific principles come together, with the main intentionbeing to solve human being social obstacles or problems. Withreference to the second definition, it implies that, there is amassive link between the society, scientific principles and thesocial problems that face people, and the society at large. Withreference to the two definitions of the term ‘technology’, thebest that befits the development of cosmological understanding andthe rise of balloons as well as the development of airplanes and thelaunching of missiles is the first definition which makes aconnection between technology, and its demand to solve people’sproblems.

Thesisstatement Although technology has become part of human life, bymaking it easier, it only performs tasks meant to ease the problemshumans race, and without intelligent relation between technology,human and social problems facing humanity, technology would servelittle purpose.

entails improvisation, improvement or even invention of a newtechnology or knowledge and into use for human use. The need totravel to the space was a challenging one to the man. The inceptionof balloons was a huge relief as it solved the problem however, theywere slow and cumbersome. In the 19th century, there wasan increased need to develop a better flying object that could beefficient in speed, endurance and also operate in any altitude(Margolin 21). The problem at this point was to fly into the spacewith more speed and endurance, and in turn a better device or toolwas needed better than the balloon. The technology demand for abetter and improved mode of air transport other than the maidenballoons become a problem with the man at that time, this in turnprobed the then scientists and technicians of that time to device theaircraft, since then innovations, improvement have continued makingits technology affiliated change, which in turn has changed man’s,life.

Technologicaldevelopments and innovation has over time been hatched through theurge by the societies to help human race solve social problems. Thisin turn has brought the link between the sciences, intelligent, beingimplemented towards improving human life, by making his life easier,than before. In addition, the link between scientific principles,technology, and the intelligence of the scientist is to increasepeople’s sustainability. In a nutshell, the scientists’contributions are immense, ‘Their knowledge is valuable formilitary and possibly national reasons.” With reference to thearticle provided, it’s during the World War II, a time when all thefighting parties needed their best weaponry at their disposal so asto outdo their opponents. At the time when the United States weregetting into the World War II, it had no surveillance. According tothe article, the scientists and the engineers were offered the bestlives at that time, they were treated well as their intelligence inthe rocket technologies were in need at that specific time. Withreference to this example, it’s clear that, the aspect oftechnology is integrated between the intelligence and the problem inquestion. At this specific time, the wartime demanded effectiverocket for firing missiles as well as accuracy, as well as maintainsurveillance over the enemies (Akaev et al 219). This in turninhibited the inhibition of the technology to solve the problem athand.

Afterthe development of the first aero plane, and the inception of theworld war I, and also the World War II there was need for accuracymethods of dropping the bombs, as well as an effective way ofresponding to attacks, with minimal casualties to the soldiers.During the war, balloons were used for observation and distributionof propaganda. However, the inception of the plane came at a timewhen there was demand for increased aerial control. This led to theadoption of the aero planes into the war, as the aerial warfareduring the WWII marked with rapture with the use of the aero planetechnology. At first the air machines were used for observation,however, the technology advancement in the machines. Initially, thepilots used to drop bombs by hand, and the accuracy of the bomb hitwas not perfect. Improvements were in turn needed to increase theimpact of the air power.

Onanother note, cosmology has over time formed a key human experience.It’s simplified as the study of the universe. Since the history ofmankind, every society or community has had its own way or view ofthe relationship between the sky and the rest of the world. However,through civilization, the understanding of the sky by man has beengreatly been impacted by the technology innovations and developments.The great reference of cosmological understanding of the ancienttimes is that of the Greeks since it was documented, however, everycommunity had its own understanding of the sky and man (Mills et al15). According to Aristotle’s view, the earth is spherical, and thesky is a series of other spheres surrounding the earth. With thegrowing desire to know the shape of the earth, and the skies, as wellas the relationship, the man had to devise ways to prove the realshape of the earth, as well as what the skies were. With reference tothis finding by Aristotle there was need to prove, whether the earthis spherical or not, this in turn posed a problem to the humanities,science and cosmology researchers. This in turn has led to a seriesof inventions to help in taking and recording information withreference to the earth and other planets.

In1610 he made the first of one of his great discoveries—that therewere satellites orbiting Jupiter.&nbsp He saw the phases of Venus,the rings of Saturn, spots on the sun.&nbsp In short, the heavensbegan to open up not as some abstract points of light but as realplaces.&nbsp It was these observations which would fascinate theworld for the rest of human time.”

Inconclusion, science and scientists have become part of the modernsociety in almost all the aspects of human life. New developmentimproves people’s lives and the understanding of the world. Fromthe article used, it’s clear that, one development inspired thesubsequent development and in turn brining along technologicaldevelopments to help in proving human life or solving a problem. development in one era is an inspiration to the next eraof scientists and inventions. The invention of aircrafts, led to theidea of using them as surveillance tools, later for dropping bombs,while much later the crafts were improved to make them more useful tothe warfare. On the other hand, cosmology is as old as mankind,however, with continued improvement in the devices and technology inobserving the relation between the universe and man, in in turn moreand accurate information have been known. In summary, even thoughtechnology has become part of human life, by making it easier, itonly performs tasks meant to ease the problems humans race, andwithout intelligent relation between technologies, human and socialproblems facing humanity, technology would serve little purpose.


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