The Abstract and Observation for Lab Manual Abstract

TheAbstract and Observation for Lab Manual


Thelab manual is about separating of solid mixtures. The experimentintends to provide students with knowledge about homogenous andheterogeneous mixtures. The methods of separation in the experimentare solubility and magnetism. The ultimate goal is to obtain puresubstances that make up the mixture. Further, the percentage of eachsubstance in the mixture is determined as a way of showing theirrelative proportional levels. The experiment also aims to enablestudents to understand and define the meaning of terms such assolvents, solutes, miscible and immiscible substances. They will alsodifferentiate solubility and dissolution while demonstrating thetechniques of separating mixtures by using a combination ofsolubility and magnetism. In the experiment, a mixture comprising offour components will be separated based on the unique properties ofmagnetism and solubility. The experiment involved a mixture of fourtypes of solids: salt, iron filings, sand, and benzoic acid. The mainmethods of separation involved are magnetism, decantation,sublimation, filtration and condensation (RAO, B. Venkateswara, et al13).


Whenthe magnet bar was passed close to the surface, they collected ontoit. The process continued until all them were out of the mixture. The benzoic acid in the mixture dissolves when the mixture is heated(Samanta 51). When the containing the decanted water is placed intothe ice bath, the benzoic acid recrystallizes into white purecrystals. The sand remains on the filter paper while the saltsolution crystallizes after exposure to heat. To separate water andany traces of salt in the wet sand it was heated so that the watervaporizes. On heating the sand remains dry. The most challenging partof the experiment was to separate the benzoic acid from the mixturedue to its sublimation properties (Schaefer 12).


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