The Administrator,



Museumof Modern Art,




Followingmy application, I hereby declare my passion to work at the Museum ofModern Art (MoMA). The main reason is because of the passion I havefor museums. I have been passionate about museums since I was achild. Because of the passion, I engage in reading literature aboutmuseums and artifacts. I also read about great museum exhibits allover the world and I am enthusiastic about their history.

Becauseof the passion, I have been attending museum events and I lovewatching related documentaries. This has helped me to develop thedesire for the career and knowledge base about museums. The desire tolearn has also helped me to evaluate some of the top museums in theworld. Based on that knowledge, I believe that the MoMA is one of thebest museums in the world, and I would really love to be associatedwith it. This is the reason why I honestly offer my services for themuseum as a volunteer.

Inaddition to the love for museums, I love offering services toinstitutions of national interest. The passion for giving services iswhat is behind my desire to be a working volunteer at the MoMAmuseum. Being a volunteer will not only give me an opportunity tooffer the service, but also learn from the experience. I believe thatdoing something for others offers a chance for a person to learn, notonly from the colleagues, but also from the service. I also I believethat service to public institutions is a direct service to humanity.After reflecting on the opportunities available to learn and giveservice, I consider the MoMA museum as the best place for me.

Basedon the knowledge that I have about museums, I am happy to inform youthat I honestly desire to work at the MoMA in my young career. It hasbeen a dream for me to work at a world class museum in my life, and Iam happy to take this opportunity to request for a position at MoMA.Taking an honest reflection over my life and career plan, working atthe MoMA museum is one of the things that I have always admired to doin the process of building my career.

Moreover,I enjoy exhibits at the MoMA, with the Henri Matisse, The Cut Outsbeing my favorite one. Henri Matisse, The Cut Outs is a largeexhibition of modern art by Henri Matisse, and displayed at themuseum. I love every aspect of the pieces of art that were done bythe giant of the modern art. The amazing 120 works displayed at themuseum are historical and represent works that show the need forappreciation of art in the world. More importantly, I love theirsimplicity and the amazing creativity of the works of art.

Ihumbly request you to consider my request and allow me to fulfill mypassion and the desire to work at the MoMA museum.