The Admissions Board,


TheAdmissions Board,

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Myname is……(Insertname),&nbsp……….,aged…(Insert age),&nbsp….from…..(insertyour location). I hereby apply for thedegree in medicine in your university, after a successful completionof my High School studies at MiddlesexCounty Academy for Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences.After a record of excellent academic results in my previous studies,I now intend to pursue my passion of caring for people through adegree in medicine at your university. I have a strong dream tobecome a doctor and excel in the profession to the greatest heightspossible. This dream drives my ambitions and powers myefforts to not only excel in studies but also in caring for people.My passion for helping is strongly founded on my caring nature, as Iseek to assist people who are in health problems. This is a characterI have had since my childhood.

Thepassion for caring for people relates to my childhood healthconditions, which called for someone to take care of me. Duringmy birth, there was a congenital anomaly which necessitated surgicalinterventions. The anomaly and the resultant health conditions mademy early childhood depend on medical professional who helped my life.I feel strongly indebted to humanity, to spend my entire life givingback the same care I got when I was young. This passion is alsofounded on the recognition that the world needs heroes who arepassionate about human life, and have a call to serve humanity.Since I was a young boy, I have committed myself to this call, whichI look forward to fulfill in the university with a degree inmedicine.

Thedrive to be a doctor has inspired my academic excellence in my pasteducational institutions. I completed myhigh school with an honors and an AP in my school as well as a SATscore of 2170. This was in addition to a 226 score in 2014PSAT and National Merit Scholarship semi-final score. In the healthscience, I scored 770 out of 800 in Biology SAT Subject Test andscored 298 out of 300 in Science in eighth grade. As a result ofacademic excellence, I received the President’s Award for AcademicExcellence and featured in the ConsistentHonor Roll Student Awards among other honors.

Theacademic excellence and passion for medicine are directed by myhigh sense of discipline, strong values and an honest character.According to Shakur (2006), excelling in medicine requires ethicalvalues and honest character in addition to academic qualifications.These traits have opened my leadership qualities, having achievedseveral hallmarks in my life. I havehelped raise funds for services of human importance, both at schooland in the community. At the same time, I have consistentlyvolunteered in JKF Hospital, Doctors’ Office in India and NewJersey, Veteran Affairs Hospital in Lyons, NJ and in communityhealth center, Keyport, NJ among others. At the same time, I haveexcelled in archery sport, having won several championships.Currently, I am a member of archery associations, in addition tobeing a certified coach.

Toachieve my dream, I really need the professionalism imparted by youruniversity, as a center of excellence. While I have achieved a strongpath towards achieving my dream of being a doctor, I have a long wayto go to reach the height of the profession. With your universitybeing the best in the preparation of doctors, I hereby request foryour consideration of my application.


Shakur,R. (2006). ACareer in Medicine: Do you have what it takes? Second edition,Boca Ranton: CRC Press