The Cay



TheCay by Theodore Taylor

Theclay is phenomenon children book. It is an enthralling story of a boywho was handicapped by blindness. He was also pushed into anenvironment that was new and unfamiliar. As a result, the situationforced him to grow up quickly and behave like a mature person. Youngpeople, especially aspiring leaders can identify with the boy in thebook, who was named Philip. The storyline is the struggles andchallenged faced by the boy in the quest for independence as well ashis frustrations and aggravation he faced while dealing withsituations he did not have control over. Despite the challenges,Philip was able to survive. He learned so much about life andsurvival from the instructions given to him by Timothy. One of thegreatest lessons he learnt from Timothy was the power of nature andwhy it is important to respect nature. However, he learnt his lessonsthe hard way. Whenever he forgot the lessons learnt in the past, herisked his life. These lapses and episodes of carelessness anddespair are used by the author to develop the character of Philip.For example, the episodes develop the character of tolerance and openmindedness as the main character of Philip. The author outlines theevents as Philip sheds of some of bad traits such as prejudice andintolerance towards Timothy. In the first scene, Philip considershimself as more intelligent and superior to the uncivilized Timothybut quickly realizes that he has so many lessons to learn from him.Therefore, the last scene where Philip uses some of the skills helearnt from Timothy to save his life stands out in the book.


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