The Creed of the Old South

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This was initially an article that was later published as a book.Basil presented the accounts of war in which he was a soldier. Heargued in the article they went into the war for the purposes ofliberty as opposed to slavery. He also argues that the issue ofslavery was something that was destined to happen. This article thatBasil wrote was like a personal memoir, but it was mixed with humorand referencing (Genovese 74). It is clear that the author is notbitter about the war since he believes that the southern went to warfor various principles. People went into war for principles andideals. It is clear that the author was proud for what he did in thewar.

What It Means to Be a Boy Scout

This is a document which asserts the various aspects that scouts inAmerica are supposed to abide by and follow. The presidenthighlighted these aspects in this document. He asserted that thescouts of are supposed to love the environment and nature in general.Scouts are supposed to love nature, mountains, forests and streams asthis will prove to be priceless in future years (Remini, et al., 44).The scouts of America are also called upon in the document to respectthe law and abide by it. This will allow elections to take place andhave people holding senior positions in the future. Lastly, thepresident’s document calls for scouts to love God. According to thedocument, these are American institutional values.

State of the Union Address (1944) by Franklin Roosevelt

This is one of the most memorable addresses by Franklin since hegive it from white house as opposed to delivering it to the congress.The components of the speech also made it historic. One of the mostremembered aspect of the speech was the second bill of rights whichRoosevelt argued that it was meant to bring about economic securityto the American people (Remini, et al., 87). The address by Franklinwanted people to have economic freedom and to be free. The documentalso addressed a few aspects that were aimed stabilizing the economysuch as food price control, tax bill and currency stabilizationmeasures (Remini, et al., 104). It is also clear that the presidenttouched on issues on foreign policy and the war that America wasengaged.

The Port Huron Statement by Students for a Democratic Society

This is a relatively long document which was written primarily byTom Hayden in support of other members of Students for a democraticsociety. The main idea of the document is to depict the problems thatthe American people are facing and the possible solutions. Racism hasbeen identified in the document as one of the primary evils in theAmerican society. Additionally, cold war was also cited a key problemin America (Genovese 85). The authors of the document called for thepeople to be allowed to participate in participatory democracy wherethey are allowed to determine what they need for their socialwell-fare.

First Inaugural Address by Ronald Reagan

This is a significant address since Reagan asserted that thegovernment, which people believe is the savior, is actually theproblem. Reagan argued that the freedom of the people and their hardwork is the solution to their problems (Remini, et al., 98). Hedescribes the American people heroes who have managed to handle andsolve their own problems.

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