The laborer


The excerpt about the deficit of laborers from Mathew 9:35-38 is asymbolic bible reading. The harvest that Jesus was referring to isactually people in this world who seem scattered and lost since theydo not have a shepherded. The fainted harvest is a representation ofthe current generation which is ready for harvesting but there are nosufficient people to harvest the generation which is ripe and readyfor harvesting. The present day church can be compared with thefainting harvest. The harvest been planted, nurtured but there is noone to harvest it. This can be compared to the current generationwhich knows a thing or two about God, but there is no one to naturethem to maturity. In other words, it is a generation that is uselessto the church and to the Kingdom. The generation cannot offer anyhelp either to humanity or to the kingdom until they are plucked fromthe farm.

The aspect of the old wine is a representation of the teachings thatthe people have been drunk with in today’s church. People areyearning for new wine or a new message in the church of Christ. It isclear that there are no servants or laborers to bring the new wine.People are used to the teachings and the message being given in thechurch and therefore come to the church just as a routine. These arethe people that Jesus has compassion for and compares them to theplenteous harvests that are fainting in the farm due to the lack oflaborers. The old wine is compared to the old teachings and themessages that people are drunk with and tired of hearing.

The death of Lazarus is also viewed as an example of the happeningsthat are going on in the church. When Lazarus was raised from thedead, he was wearing clothes and was wrapped in grave clothes aroundthe face but Jesus ordered that the clothes be removed. It is arguedthat there are people in the church today who are still bound withgrave clothes. These are people who carry wickedness with themselvesdespite being in the church. s are required to loosen thepeople of the grave clothes. This goes back to the aspect of thelacking laborers who are lacking to harvest the plentiful food.People in the church who have grave clothes cannot be able to praysuccessfully. These are the people that Jesus saw and had compassionfor them since they seemed like they were lost and scattered withouta shepherd. There are numerous people in the church who still in thebondage of the grave clothes. These are people who are saved but theyseem like they have never seen or experienced Jesus. These people areregarded as being hopeless since they receive salvation but are stillbund with the grave clothes. The grave clothes are used to signifythe wickedness and the bad characters that people in the church suchas the ushers, teachers and people in the choir experience.

The story of Zacchaeus and how he climbed a tree in order to seeJesus is another symbolic story that is seen in present day church.It is useful to note that Zacchaeus was a sinner but he sought to seeJesus. This is the same case in the present day in the church. Thereare numerous people who are seeking Jesus yet they are sinners. Someworship idols while others belong to certain religions that areungodly. People in the present day church may not be suffering fromheight as Zacchaeus was but they have certain bondages that might beholding them back. Whereas people said that Jesus was talking andwanted to go to the house of a sinner, it is clear that the Jesusnever listened to them. The Bible clearly says that Jesus comes tothe sinners but not to the saved and the righteous. In the presentday church, priests and other church leaders are unable to approachthe sinners since they consider them as foolish and stupid. Theleaders say that such people should go to hell. In other words, it isclear that there are no laborers to bring these people back to Christor make them see and meet God. These people are ripe but there are nolaborers to harvest them. s in current churches arefighting over members instead of directing them to the kingdom ofGod. The current church lack true laborers but only has fakelaborers. This is the reason as to why Jesus says that people shouldpray for laborers from the God of harvest. A laborer must be alaborer in actions and not in name or title. Additionally, a laborermust use the power and spirit of God in the way he or she handles thepeople represented by Zacchaeus.

There are various characteristics that laborers ought to have inorder to be used by the Lord. It is clear that laborers must be freethemselves before they can loosen other people. The bandages in thehands of the laborer must be gone before he or she embarks on freeingother people from their bondages. s must be prepared andmust be empty in order to receive the grace and power from the Lord.Just as Jesus put new wine into new pots, it is the same case thatthe laborers must be empty in order to receive the power and thegrace. The new wine is compared to grace that God has. Laborers mustbe ready to give the new wine and never to take any glory since thisis the grace of God that they are impacting upon people. Laborersmust hate the world and the world must hate them just as how Pauldid. Additionally, laborers must be honorable people. They must beempty since God only works with honorable people.

The last character and which is very essential is that the laborermust ensure that he is looking for people to nurture and not finishedproducts. It is evident that the finished products are people whowill pose no challenge, insult or accusations. The work of theministry of God is clearly difficult and the laborers must beprepared for this. It is clear that the laborers in today’s churchare looking for the righteous people who pose no challenge to them.The Bible gives the example of the farmer who left 99 sheep to go andlook for the one that got lost. It is an indication that the laborermust be careful with his herd and look for the lost. A laborer isasked to be a husband man who takes care of his wife and family.