The love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

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Thelove Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Theprotagonist in the poem is a traveler since he introduces the poemwhen asking an invisible person that they go across the city. Thereis an element of emptiness of life of the protagonist in the poem. Itis clear that the protagonist has various elements of life that hehas not accomplished but he believes there is sufficient time toaccomplish everything in life. The protagonist is unhappy with hislife and he is bored (Eliot 1). It is clear that the protagonist isunhappy with the people in his life. The author of poem depicts theprotagonist as a person who is indecisive. This is shown through thefailure by the protagonist to make decisions in his life about whatdirection to take.

Thepoem uses imagery and metaphors to deliver the message of a manwandering across a modern city. The fog is compared to a cat rubbingitself on the window panes. The streets that he walks through arecompared to the middle age life that he lives and the way boring itis. The entire poem is about the British tradition of eating anddrinking (Eliot 1). The spoon is a metaphor used to represent themeasurement of life. It is also clear that the evening is compared toa person sleeping next to the protagonist. The protagonist lives in aworld where no one appreciates him and he believes that all thepeople including the woman he met are all the same.

Themain imagery in the poem are the streets and the buildings includingthe hotels in the city that the protagonist is travelling. It isclear that these are an image of the modern city such as London inBritain (Eliot 1). The tea taking and eating in the city are areflection of a modern city and it goes along with the tradition ofBritons of taking tea and drinks. Considering that this poem waswritten a long time ago when there were no major cities, it is clearthat the description of the streets and the hotels, as well as therestaurants is a modernist approach.


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