The Petition Exercise Report

ThePetition Exercise Report

Thepetition I signed on is the protest against the high costof treatment of cancer in the United States. The petition proteststhe high prices of cancer drugs and requests the United Statesgovernment to reduce the prices, allow importation and enact lawsthat will regulate the prices and distribution of cancer drugs(ConcernedCitizens 1).The petition further seeks to request the public request to standwith the United States doctors in calling for the reduction of thecancer drugs (ConcernedCitizens 1).I chose to share the petition on Facebook as the preferred socialmedia site. I am happy with the response as some of my friends likemy post on the petition.

Thewebsite allows individual participation in social changeby giving all the people an opportunity to voice their concern aboutthe circumstances in the society. The main advantage of the websiteis that it allows all people to participate and gives a tally of thepetitioners as they sign their petitions. This shows the number ofpetitions alongside each petition and the initiator of the petition( 1). However, the disadvantage with the website is thelimitation to just the online awareness. Apart from the voicing ofthe petitions, there is no platform carry an actual protest.

Aftersigning the petition protesting the high cost of cancer treatment, Ithink the initiator of the advocacy will continue to follow thatcause. I found the website important for social change and I will besharing it with friends and family. In addition, I will continuesharing the petition in the social media to get friends to join in. Ihave a cause that I wish to start a petition for. This is to protestthe poaching of wild animals, especially the elephant for the saleand trafficking of tusks. This will create awareness of the injusticedone to these animals.

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