The Sounds in the Attic

TheSounds in the Attic

TheSounds in the Attic

Iwas alone in the Attic when the sounds of began to haunt me. Myparents were not at home. I was only with my older sister, and shewas busy in the other room learning how to use the piano. I was only11 years. Seated in the living room, I was in my pajamas watchingcartons when I heard huge strides towards our house. It seemed likesounds, which also moved back and forth on the attic floor. Thefootsteps were now getting louder like thunder strikes, whichincessantly banged on the attic floor.

Iwas unable to move since I was terrified. I was forced to walk underthe attic floor across the hall way towards my sister’s room toalert her. “Do you hear me?” I called on my sister while bangingon her door. She jumped up and pointed towards the door. “Let’sget out of the house,” she said. She stopped suddenly, and said,“We have to write a note for our parents” (Lewis, 2010). Untilthen, I would not believe what was happening. I waited while shescribbles a note. We exited and run across the street towards ourneighbor’s house, two blocks away. My parents came later,investigated it and they found nothing. They assumed it was probablycats and fats fighting. Every time I narrated it to my friends, theysay it was probably pipe, but until now, I do not think so.


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