The Success of Asian Americans


TheSuccess of Asian Americans

TheSuccess of Asian Americans

Asian-Americansare a minority group in the American society, but have shown aconspicuous level of success that surpasses some whites. Despitebeing the minority, Asian-Americans have consistently surpassed interms of income and education among other indicators of success. Thedifference in the success of Asian-Americans from different dissentscan be evaluated by considering the unique factors that may bepropelling their performance. The discussion about theAsian-Americans will explore why their success surpasses the whitesand the factors behind it. By exploring their cultural values,history of discrimination and family ideals, this discussion seeks tolink these factors to their success.Oneof the main reasons for the difference in success rates between thewhite Americans and the Asian-Americans is the cultural values of thetwo. Asian-Americans have a stronger value for education and learningto better their lives. This is the reason why they perform better ineducation, and acquire higher grades. The Asian-Americans had thehighest educational attainment level than any other racialdemographic in the United States (Lee&amp Zhou,2015). This success level can be attributed to the love for learningand the formation of the right attitude by their children right fromtheir families. Their reverence for learning is not seen in otherracial groups in America, despite having similar opportunities.Asa result of higher education, their income levels are higher.According to the same research, Asian-Americans have higher levels ofhousehold income than any other racial group in the United States. Inaddition, Asian-Americans have a cultural and moral value forhandwork (Wu,2014).They believe that they are more productive when they work the extramile to achieve what others do not. The Asian-American culture isgreatly influenced by the Asian culture that believes in working andachieving through handwork(Ling &amp Austin, 2014). Thesuccess of the moral value towards work by Asians is evident in theresults Asian-Americans achieve in education and income. This canalso be related to their value for cooperation as the tool forcombined achievement and social growth.Theinfluence of the Confucian values is a key source of the culturalvalues and work ethics that Asian-Americans have. Confucian valuescreate a society that is motivated, responsible, disciplined and hasa sense of commitment to their progress (Lee&amp Zhou,2015). The values lead to a cultural strength that are higher thanother racial groups, and can be exhibited by the success of theAsians. The success of Asians is not just observed in the UnitedStates alone, but also in the Asian economies. The Asian economies ofJapan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong have grown more rapidlywith a higher rate than other countries in the world since the SecondWorld War(Ling &amp Austin, 2014). Thisshows a similar trend of success as their counterparts, theAsian-Americans in the United States.Inaddition, the culture of Asians has strong values for the respect ofinstitutions and authority. The values are evident right from theirfamilies to the educational institutions and governments. Asians havea high respect for family as an institution and keep close contactwith the progress of their extended family relatives. This creates asense of expected success for their children as they grow up. As aresult, they grow to respect schools and teachers (Lee&amp Zhou,2015). In Asia, teachers are among the most respected professionscompared to other continents like the United States. This respectalso translates into respect for government where Asian-Americansrespect state authorities and avoid illegal indulgence. This is partof the value that makes them unique compared to Native Americanwhites.Moreover,the history of discrimination in the United States also leftAsian-Americans feel that they had to succeed in education andbusiness so that they can earn respect (Wu,2014).This creates a stronger difference between them and the Americanwhites who dominated the minority racial groups since independence.Despite all the differences, there are similarities betweenAsian-Americans and the white Americans. The similar values includethe respect for the law, loyalty to the country and establishment offamilies. While there are the similarities, the Asian-Americans havestronger cultural values that lead them to achieve higher levels ofsuccess (Wu,2014).As a result, their success in education and in their careers isunique as it relates to the success of the Asian nations who sharethe same cultural values. References

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