The TED Talks


TheTED Talks

Talk1: John Foley

DiscussionQuestion: Were you aware of the huge environmental impact thatagriculture has on the environment? Do you think that we can stillfeed a population of 9 billion people without farming more land? What do you think of his solution (terraculture)? Iexpect to see at least 2-3 sentences of discussion here.

Honestlyspeaking, I knew that agriculture has a big and significantenvironmental impact on the environment. However, now, I haveinternalized that impact in a comprehensive manner, because watchingthe talk gave me more information and understanding of the situation.I think we cannot feed the population of 9 million people withoutfarming more land, unless we start using unhealthy farming practices.Regarding the terraculture solution talked about by the speaker, Ithink that it is a good practice if it leads to better agriculturalproduction as claimed.


Discussionquestion: Had you heard of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) before this talk? Were you aware of the importance of bees as pollinators? Do youthink, given our current agricultural practices, that honeybees canrebound from CCD?I expect to see 2-3 sentences of discussion!

Beforethis talk, I had heard of the Colony Collapse Disorder and the way itaffects the behavior of bees. However, I had not heard about thedetails of the CCD and how it exactly impacts on the behavior of thebees, as well as its possible causes. Thanks to the talk, I now havea deeper understanding of the problem. I was aware of the importanceof bees as pollinators and I think that they play a great role. Givenour current agricultural practices, I think that honeybees cannotrebound from the CCD because of our use of unsafe pesticides andagricultural inputs that affect bees.

Talk3: Penelope Jagessar and Tyrone Hayes: The Toxic Baby

Discussionquestion: The EPA decided to approve the continued use of Atrazine, even afterits effects on frogs were shown? Why do you think they did this? What other factors (besides “science”) may have played a role intheir decision? Do you think Atrazine should be banned? Why or whynot? Iexpect to see 2-3 sentences of discussion!

Regardlessof the effects of Atrazine on frogs, the EPA approved it because theyseem to have considered the factor of use and effectiveness ratherthan other factors. The EPA could also have considered theinsignificant effect of Atrazine on the frogs and mammals in general.Therefore, they thought it is not fatally serious. However, I thinkthat Atrazine should be banned from use, and people advised to usealternative pesticides.

FinalQuestion:Discuss some final thoughts you have after watching these talks. Youmight discuss which talk taught you the most, or made you think themost, or that you found the most interesting You might talk aboutsome things you learned that you did not know before. You could alsotalk about questions you now have after watching these talks.I expect to see 2-3 sentences of discussion!

Afterkeenly and carefully watching the TED talks, I felt educated on thematters that I had just taken lightly or known superficially. Thetalks gave me a better understanding of the things that affect theenvironment, and the impact of agricultural practices and factors onthe environment. The most interesting talk is the first one by JohnFoley about the impact of agriculture on the environment.