The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

TheWonderful Wizard of Oz

TheWonderful Wizard of Oz

Baum’sbook narrates the story of a young girl who lived in Kansans, but wasswept to Oz by a cyclone. Dorothy seeks help from the Witch in theNorth who instead sends her to look for the Great Wizard. On the way,Dorothy rescues Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow (Baum,1899). Finally, when they meet the Great Wizard, he sends them sentto kill his last remaining adversary, the Wicked Witch. In the West,the Witch sends the crows, wolves, bees, and the Winkies against them(Baum, 1899). Then, she used magic to destroy Tin Woodman and theScarecrow while enslaving the Lion and Dorothy. However, Dorothymelted the Witch by throwing water on her (Baum, 1899). Later, theyused the Witch’s golden cap to fly to the Emerald City only tolearn that the Wizard did not possess the powers to help them.Nonetheless, he offered to fly Dorothy back to Kansas using his oldballoon. Unfortunately, Dorothy did not leave with the Wizard butinstead left Oz to travel to the Southern country to seek help. TheGood Witch told Dorothy that the silver shoes would fly her home ifshe clicks the heels three times (Baum, 1899). Dorothy is flown backto Kansan, but she loses the shoes on her way home.

DorothyGale is the heroine and protagonist in the story. She displaysperseverance and courage as she endures many challenges along herjourney. She considers herself just an ordinary girl but the authorportrays her to be more as she improves the lives of nearly everyoneshe comes across. The story depicts a problem with all the charactersand luckily, Dorothy conquers the Wicked Witch, who was the mainsource of the problem (Baum, 1899).

Thescene in chapter thirteen stands out. The Lion is pleased that theWinkies were treating them well since Dorothy saved them from a lifeof slavery. In return, they helped Dorothy find and repair TinWoodman and the Scarecrow reuniting them all (Baum, 1899). Later, thefour decide to journey to the Emerald City so that the Wizard canfulfill their wishes. It represents victory as the characters areseen feasting and dancing to celebrate their accomplishments (Baum,1899).


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