This I believe


ThisI believe


ThisI Believe

Oneof Warren Bennis’ quotes on leadership states “It is the capacityto develop and improve their skills that distinguish leaders fromfollowers.” Every day is contemplate upon that statement and I getthe conviction that to become who I set out to be, I have to takecharge of my life. I have to stand up against my fears and developthe best strategy that would see me through to that place that Ibelieve I am meant to reach. As a person, I have developed a personalstrategy to concur the world and become myself. My strategy involvedidentifying a few things in my life and working towards making thembetter. As a company, I view myself as a company that is self-reliantand can determine its own destiny through proper management, which,of course, comes from me. I use the SWOT analysis as a basis for mystrategy through life. In my SWOT analysis, I have identified mystrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and finally threats. I remainas optimistic as the SWOT model itself by prioritizing my strengthsand letting my weaknesses and threats come last.

Fromthe perspective of strength, I group my abilities such as skills andtalents and identify ways that I can improve them to become a betterman. I believe that my strengths are God given and that is the reasonI can never let anybody demoralize me or make me feel less capable. Ibelieve that I am a leader and that was born to lead, and that iswhat carries me through the day. I take every opportunity there is tosharpen my skills in leadership and show people that I am capable.Whenever I do something, I do it to the best of my abilities so thatI can show others what I am made of. I put all efforts into what I dobecause I believe that my work is meant to be a prototype for othersto follow. I strongly believe in myself, but I also bend low enoughto listen to counsel from others.

Likeevery person, I have my weaknesses. For instance, sometimes I getdemoralized and feel like giving up when something does not work outlike I planned. Even though I repeat, but the morale is slightlylowered. When that happens, I take a deep breath and picture myselfas the person I always want to be in future. When the moment ofself-reflection is over, I am refreshed and my energy is rejuvenatedto accomplish whatever I was doing. I read a lot about people whohave accomplished much like Bill Gates and I also research and seekadvice on matters I feel am not so good at. I seek partnerships withmore competent people in fields I have less knowledge in order tolearn.

Opportunitiescome to everyone and am not exempted. Every opportunity that comes myway is a chance to prove myself to me. So I do my best and when amdone, I have no regrets. I never believe in regrets and criticismnever kills my morale. However, I take time to listen to criticismand do my own analysis into it to determine its authenticity. Ibelieve in being strong and so I never break or show signs ofweakness in public.

Threatslike opportunities exist everywhere. My threats are financial most ofthe time and to concur that, I work hard every day. I believe thatRome was never built in one day and that little efforts amount tosomething big after some time.


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